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There are 880 available Holdings based on AQUACULTURE The aquaculture feed industry's home on the web  (PCARRD)
  10 Gabay sa Pangangalaga ng Ating Yamang Dagat  (TRC)
  100 years of Philippine fisheries and marine science 1898-1998  (STII)
  14 D Fish Condominium  (TRC)
  Abalone Hatchery  (TRC)
  Abalone Culture  (TRC)
  Abalone Culture in Hawaii  (TRC)
  Abalone culture in Tawi-Tawi  (TRC)
  Abalone Industry  (TRC)
  Abalone seed prodution and culture  (TRC)
  Active trawl system-a revolution in trawling technology  (TRC)
  Advances in Sea Cucumber Aquaculture and Management  (TRC)
  Agar Processing And Characterization  (TRC)
  The age of aquaculture  (STII)
  Agriscope  (STII)
  Algal blooms in prawn culture-how important are they?  (TRC)
  Alternative design for egg incubators  (TRC)
   alternative technology for shrimp larviculture  (TRC)
  Ammonia In Fish Ponds  (TRC)
  Ang paglinang ng eucheuma (eucheuma farming)  (TRC)
  Ang Pagsasaka ng Kappaphycus 'cottonii'  (TRC)
  Animals destructive to oysters in Bacoor Bay, Luzon  (STII)
  Antimutagenic terpenes and sterol from Vitex parviflora  (STII)
  Aplysia sea hare assimilation of secondary metabolites brown seaweed, stypopodium zolnale  (TRC)
  AQD Recommends Semi-Intensive Milkfish Culture  (TRC)
  Aqua farm news  (ITDI)
  Aquaculture  (STII)
  Aquaculture  (STII)
  Aquaculture and the environment  (TRC)
  Aquaculture - understanding the risk factor  (TRC)
  Aquaculture: answer to fish shortage  (PCARRD)
  Aquaculture - for genuine development  (ITDI)
  Aquaculture Abstracts  (STII)
  Aquaculture and algae culture  (STII)
  Aquaculture clinic  (TRC)
  Aquaculture economics research in Asia  (STII)
  Aquaculture in Africa :  (NRCP)
  Aquaculture Knowledge Dissemination through Information and Communication Technology Projects  (STII)
  Aquaculture Management  (TRC)
  Aquaculture of a high value freshwater fish in Malaysia: the marble or sand Goby (oxyeleotris marmoratus, Bleeker)  (TRC)
  Aquaculture problems and their solutions  (PTRI)
  Aquaculture problems and their solutions: continued from last part  (PCARRD)
  Aquaculture production and management  (TRC)
  Aquaculture productivity is next best alternative to raise fish production.  (RO7)
  Aquaculture science  (STII)
  Aquaculture systems modeling  (STII)
  Aquaponics - Integration of Hydroponics With Aquaculture  (TRC)
  Aquaranching of tilapia in Lake Caliraya  (TRC)
  Artificial insemination of the American lobster (homarus)  (TRC)
  The artificial propagation of warm-water finfishes  (TRC)
  The artificial propagation of warm-water finfishes  (TRC)
  Artificial reef  (TRC)
  Artificial Reefs and their Placement  (TRC)
  New aspects in the ecology and culture of Kappaphycus and Eucheuma  (NAST)
  Some aspects of the mariculture of different siganid species in the Philippines  (STII)
  Aspects of phosphorus pollution from aquaculture  (PTRI)
  Assessment of the impacts of probiotics in shrimp (Penaeus monodon Fabricus) culture  (STII)
  Are Atya spinipes Newport and Atya armata Milne Edwards synonyms for Atya molluccensis de Haan?  (STII)
  Backyard Fish Farming
  Backyard Production of Guppy: 9 Months Culture Period 25M2  (TRC)
  Bacterial diseases in Chinese catfish  (TRC)
  Bacterial Diseases In Tiger Shrimp Culture In The Philippines  (TRC)
  Bagong tuklas: teknolohiya sa pag-aalaga ng bangus sa karagatan  (TRC)
  Bangus Can Now be Raised Profitably  (TRC)
  BAR TODAY - Fisheries and Aquaculture  (TRC)
   The basics of breeding frogs  (TRC)
  The basics of breeding frogs  (TRC)
   basics of cage and pen culture  (TRC)
   Basics Of Cage And Pen Culture
  Best Farm Practices To Reduce Risk Of White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) Infection In Shrimp Culture  (TRC)
  Better freshwater fish farming : the fish  (TRC)
  Better freshwater fish farming: the pond  (TRC)
  Better practice approaches for culture-based fisheries development in Asia  (TRC)
  A bibliography of important tilapias (pieces: cichilidae) for aquaculture  (STII)
  A Bibliography Of Important Tilapias (Pisces: Cichlidae) For Aquaculture (Bibliographies No. 3 Supplement 1)  (TRC)
  A Bibliography Of Important Tilapias (Pisces: Cichlidae) For Aquaculture (Bibliographies No. 3 Supplement 1)  (TRC)
  Where have all the big crab gone?  (TRC)
  Where have the BIG crab gone?  (TRC)
  Bigger and better tilapia for every Filipino in 2016  (STII)
  Bioeconomics of aquaculture  (STII)
  Biological Weed Control in Alberta Using Triploid Grass Carp  (TRC)
  Biology of cohol: a common Philippine freshwater snail.  (TRC)
   Biology And Culture Of Carps  (TRC)
   Biology and ecology of milkfish  (TRC)
  Biology and Hatchery of Mudcrabs Scylla Spp.  (TRC)
  Bivalve Cultivated as Live Shrimp Feed  (TRC)
  Blue crab harvesting  (TRC)
  The blue revolution  (STII)
  Bohol fisher folk benefit from the 'miracle hole'  (TRC)
  Bottom - dwelling delicacy... the flounder  (TRC)
  Brackishwater pond construction  (TRC)
  Brackishwater pond culture of tilapia in the Philippines  (TRC)
  Brakishwater pond culture  (TRC)
  Breeding and Culture of Common Carp  (TRC)
  Breeding and culture of Pangasius (Pangasius hypopthalmus)  (TRC)
  Breeding and culture of freshwater aquarium fishes  (TRC)
   breeding and culture of the golden miracle snail  (TRC)
  Breeding and Seed Production of the Asian Catfish Clarias Macrocephalus (Gunther)  (TRC)
  Breeding Success of Male Red King Crab Paralithodes Camtschaticus with Multiparous mates  (TRC)
  Breeding turtles for conservation and profit  (TRC)
  Broodstock development of shrimps in ponds  (TRC)
   The broodstock floating cages of AQD  (TRC)
  Building a pond  (TRC)
  Building freshwater fish attractors.  (RO7)
  Bullfrog farming in the Philippines.  (TRC)
  Bullfrog ng barangay  (TRC)
  Cage aquaculture  (TRC)
  Cage aquaculture  (TRC)
  Cage culture of sea bass in Malaysia  (TRC)
  Carp and Pond Fish Culture  (TRC)
  Carp genetic resources for aquaculture in Asia  (TRC)
  Catfish Aquaculture  (TRC)
  Causes of detentions & rejections in international fish trade  (TRC)
  Certify sustainable aquaculture  (STII)
  Challenges in sustaining and increasing fish production to combat hunger and poverty in Asia  (STII)
  Charting the future of aquaculture feeds in the United States  (STII)
  A Checklist Of Blue-Green Algae Of The Philippines  (TRC)
  Checklist of species for cage/pen culture  (TRC)
   The use of chemicals in aquaculture: a summary brief of two international expert meetings  (TRC)
  Choosing a good site for cage culture  (TRC)
  CLSU Research and development highlights 1995  (NAST)
  Coaxing fish to breed : dung hormone kit ready for commercialization  (TRC)
  Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries  (TRC)
  Cold deep sea water technology: a new frontier of ASEAN marine programs.  (RO7)
  Combating fish stress  (TRC)
  Combating fish stress (part 1)  (TRC)
  Commercial species of shrimps and prawns: their sources and export markets  (TRC)
  Community Based Donkey's Ear Abalone Cage Culture Basic Guide in Tropical Abalone Cage Making  (TRC)
  The Community trophic structure and macro-parasite fauna of fish from aquaculture lakes of the southern region of Luzon Island, Philippines  (STII)
  Comparative Analysis of Aquaculture Management in Brackish Mangrove Areas in Three Southeast Asian Countries  (TRC)
  Comparative NH4, uptake of caulerpa lentillifera (chlorophyta, caulerpales) and gracilariopsis heteroclada (rhodophyta, gracilariales): competition between a cultured alga versus an unwanted species?  (RO7)
  A compendium of commercialized aquatic technologies  (TRC)
  Comprehensive wastewater treatment plant for fishing ports  (TRC)
  Conservation and ecological management of Philippine lakes in relation to fisheries and aquaculture  (TRC)
  Conserving the Coconut Crab  (TRC)
  Consumers: know the facts about eating raw shellfish  (TRC)
   context of small-scale integrated agriculture-aquaculture systems in Africa: a case study of Malawi.  (TRC)
  Controlling filamentous algae in ponds  (TRC)
  Controlling filamentous algae in ponds  (TRC)
  Corydoras  (TRC)
  Costs and returns of Tilapia Culture and other studies  (TRC)
  Crab farming in the Philippines: a socio economic survey.  (PCARRD)
   The crab industry in the Philippines  (TRC)
  The crab industry in the Philippines  (TRC)
  Crab meat separator  (TRC)
  Crawfish culture: site selection, pond construction and water quality  (TRC)
  Crawfish product utilization  (TRC)
  Cretivation of the green algae, coulerpa racemosa, in tropical waters and some aspects of its physiological ecology  (TRC)
   croaker  (TRC)
  Cultivation of seaweeds in Lativ America : Proceedings of a workshop sponsored by the International Foundation for Science (IFS), Stockholm, Sweden & Universidada de Sao Paulo...  (TRC)
  Cultivation of gracilaria (rhodophycophyta, gigartinales) in Taiwan  (TRC)
   culture of cephalopods in Thailand  (TRC)
  Culture of Grouper in Cages  (TRC)
  Culture of Seaweeds  (TRC)
   culture of cephalopods in Thailand  (TRC)
  Culture of common carp in floating net cages  (TRC)
  Culture of fish in rice field  (TRC)
  Culture Of The Freshwater Catfish In Concrete Cylinders and Tanks
  Culture of marine phytoplankton for aquaculture seed production  (STII)
  Culture of the mud crab, scylla serrata (forskal) at different stocking densities in brackishwater ponds  (TRC)
  Culture of Natural Food Organisms: For Fish Hatcheries  (TRC)
  Culture of Pangasius Spp.  (TRC)
  Culture performance of six red tilapia strains and their phylogenetic relationships with other Oreochromis spp.  (STII)
   Culture Of Seaweed  (TRC)
  Culture of sultan fish (Leptobarbus hoevenii)  (TRC)
  How to culture talaba  (TRC)
  How to culture Talaba(oyster).  (TRC)
  The Culture of tilapia  (STII)
  Culturing of crabs with bangus possible  (TRC)
  Current options for intensive prawn farming (training handouts)  (TRC)
   current status of Philippine sea turtles.  (TRC)
  Daily nation estimates for yellowfin site, Limanda aspera (pallas), based on laboratory consumption and growth.  (TRC)
  Davao's debut in bull frog raising  (TRC)
  Two new decapods from the Philippines  (STII)
  Deepwater dropline machine  (TRC)
  Depuration of mussels (mytilus galloprovincialis) experimentally contaminated with hepatitis A virus  (TRC)
  Descriptions of four new species of fishes from Bantayan Island Philippine Archipelago  (STII)
  Design and operating guide for aquaculture seawater systems  (STII)
  Dessert gel.  (TRC)
  Development and evaluation of a commercial-scale unit for the integrated production of red tilapia and hydroponic lettuce  (TRC)
  Development production technology for Acanthophora spicifera.  (PCARRD)
  Developmental studies on export quality fish sausage  (STII)
  Diethystilbestrol residue in sex reversed nile tilapia (Oreochromis ni/oticus L.)  (STII)
  Different grow oyster and mussels  (TRC)
  How to differentiate the male and female prawn  (TRC)
  Dilluting water quality samples for soft crab shedding  (TRC)
  Diseases of Penaeid Shrimps in the Philippines  (TRC)
  Diseases of black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon Fabricius) in Thailand II: Black tiger prawn diseases  (TRC)
  Diseases in farmed mud crabs Scylla spp.   (TRC)
  Diseases of prawns (pests & diseases of sugpo)  (TRC)
  DNA barcoding of high-value aquatic species in Balayan Bay, Batangas, Philippines  (STII)
  DA pushes aquaculture for fish-food security  (PCARRD)
  Duckweed: a tiny aquatic plant with enormous potential for ethanol production and wastewater treatment  (TRC)
   durability of different fish Cage materials and the Pros and Cons of cage rotation  (TRC)
  E.U.S Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome  (TRC)
  The East Asian Seas Congress 2003: Regional Implementation of the WSSD Commitments for the Seas of East Asia, 8 to 12 December 2003 Putrajaya, Malaysia  (STII)
  Economic feasibility of the polyculture of tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) with Nile tilapia (Oreachromis niloticus) in brackishwater ponds  (TRC)
  Economic inefficiency and environmental impact  (STII)
  Ecosystem-based approach to aquaculture management  (STII)
  Eel farming in the Netherlands  (TRC)
  Effecfs of first food on the heart  of 30-day old nile tilapia Oeochromis niloticus L.  (STII)
  Effect of extusion process varibles on the product texture of blends of miced fish and wheat flour.  (TRC)
  The effect of ganoderma lucidum decoction on the growth of nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fingerlings  (STII)
  The effect of the methods of farming on the environment and growth of cultured Red Sea Brean, Pagrus major  (STII)
  Effects of prolonged exposure of two Nile tilapia strains to a mixture of cadmium, zinc, and inorganic mercury  (TRC)
  The effects of aquaculture on farm household economy: a case study in Omon District, Cantho Province, Vietnam  (FNRI)
  Effects of filamentous green algae (Enteromorpha lntestinales linn.) and commercial feeds to milkfish (Chanos-chanosforsskal) fingerlings reared in cages at the marine waters of Tiguis, Poro, Cebu  (STII)
  Effects of inbreeding on growth in the Pacific oyster (crassostrea gigas)  (TRC)
  Effects of Low Levels of Zinc on the Ovarian Development of Tilapia nilotica Linnaeus  (STII)
  Effects of Feeding Frequency and Amount of Feeding on the Growth of the Grouper, Epinephelus Malabaricus  (STII)
  Effects of proximity to offshore fish farms over soft-bottom macrofauna  (STII)
  Effects of ulvan from Enteromorpha intestinalis on the immunomodulatory activity of Penaeus vannamei and Penaeus monodon  (STII)
  Effects of water quality, antibiotic, phytoplankton & food on survival and development of larvae scylla serrata (crustacea:portunidae)  (TRC)
  Ell Culture  (TRC)
  Energy saving and carbon reduction in fisheries and aquaculture   (STII)
  Enhancement effect of sea urchin grow-out cages in Lucero, Bolinao, Pangasinan  (STII)
  Enrichment of Artemia for use in freshwater ornamental fish production  (STII)
  Enterprise alternative: lobster farming  (TRC)
  Enterprise study of shrimp aquaculture farms in Negros Occidental  (STII)
  Environment and aquaculture in developing countries; summary report of the Bellagio conference, 17-22 September 1990  (STII)
  Environment and aquaculture in developing countries; summary report of the Bellagio conference, 17-22 September 1990  (STII)
  Environment-friendly Shrimp Culture  (TRC)
  Environment and livelihoods in tropical coastal zones  (STII)
  Environmental and socio economic effects of shrimp farming: the Philippine experience  (TRC)
  Environmental influence on activities and foreign-particle binding by hemocytes of American oysters, crassostrea virginica  (TRC)
  Environmental risks assessment in shrimp aquaculture  (TRC)
  Environment-friendly practices in the aquafarm  (TRC)
  Environmetally-sustainable mariculture hatchery seen to uplift Tawi-tawi  (PCARRD)
  Epiphytes  (TRC)
  Eucheuma Culture  (TRC)
  Evaluation of commercial fertilizers for milkfish (chanos- chanos forskal) production in brackishwater ponds  (TRC)
  Evaluation of the anti-Vibrio harveyi and other probiotic properties of bacteria isolated from the water sample and hepatopancreas of Litopenaeus vannamei in biofloc technology culture system  (STII)
  Evaluation of the contribution of fisheries and aquaculture to food security in developing countries  (STII)
  Expert consultation on small-scale prawn/shrimp hatcheries: report  (TRC)
  Extrusion of aquatic feeds  (FNRI)
  Facts on Philippine coral reefs  (TRC)
  The farmer, the multinationals and the "black tiger"  (FNRI)
  Farmers feed fish and fish feed the farmers  (TRC)
  Farming with fish  (TRC)
  Farming of commerial seaweeds.  (TRC)
  Farming Giant Clam  (TRC)
  Farming lapu-lapu  (TRC)
  Farming the ocean: The genu story  (TRC)
  The Farming of the seaweed kappaphycus  (TRC)
  Farming of the tropical abalone Haliotis asinina  (STII)
  Feasibility study  (TRC)
  Feed and feeding of fish and shrimp  (TRC)
  Feed handling in aquaculture  (ITDI)
  Feed-based aquaculture production strategies (1st of 2 parts)  (PCARRD)
  Feed-based aquaculture production strategies (Last of two parts)  (PCARRD)
  Feminized male carps indicate Laguna Bay pollution  (STII)
  Field testing, hatchery and culture technologies for tilapia in ponds.  (PCARRD)
  Filipino crabs.  (TRC)
  Fingerling production of hatchery-reared milkfish (Chanos chanos) in earthen nursery ponds  (STII)
  Fingerling Production of Silver Perch (Bidyanus Bidyanus) in the Philippines  (TRC)
  Fish culture in treated waste waters  (TRC)
  Fish diet formulation  (TRC)
  Fish in dual culture with rice.  (TRC)
  Fish farming  (STII)
  Fish kill investigation through water quality assessment in Lake Buhi, Camarines Sur, Philippines  (STII)
  Fish Nutrition, Feeds And Feeding: With Special Emphasis On Salmonid Aquaculture  (TRC)
  Fish for the people, 2003-2012  (STII)
  Fish production in China  (TRC)
  Fish production in irrigation canals : a review  (TRC)
  Fish Tapeworm in man  (TRC)
  Fisheries of Laguna de Bay.  (PCARRD)
  Fisheries programme: aspects of the work of the Natural Resources Institute  (FNRI)
  Fisheries Technology Manual Series  (STII)
  Fishers of the Visayas  (STII)
  Fishery industry profile - Thailand  (TRC)
  The fishery resources of the Philippine Islands, Part III  (STII)
  Fishing for growth  (STII)
  Floating cage nursery for tiger prawn  (TRC)
  Food, fuel, and fertilizer from organic wastes  (STII)
  Forensic DNA analysis in criminal investigations  (STII)
  Formation and structure of the acrosomal filament in the sperm of sicyonia ingentis  (TRC)
  Formulas used in designing prawn, penaeus, monodon hatchery.  (TRC)
  Freshwater aquarium fish culture  (TRC)
  Freshwater crayfish farming code of practice  (TRC)
  Freshwater crayfish: farming code of practice  (TRC)
  Freshwater fish farming: how to begin  (TRC)
  Freshwater fish farming: how to begin - FAO better farming series 1978 ed.  (TRC)
  Freshwater fish farming : how to begin  (TRC)
  Freshwater pearl culture  (STII)
  Freshwater pearl culture  (TRC)
  Freshwater Pearl Production: A Feasibility Study On The PCMRD-TAPI-DOST  (TRC)
  Freshwater Prawn Culture (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) in earthen ponds  (TRC)
  Freshwater prawns pond production and grow-out  (TRC)
  Frog farming in Thailand  (TRC)
  Frog meat, anyone; frog raising spells; frog legs industry takes hold in RP; research may lead to turtle farming in Australia.  (TRC)
  Fry collection, handling and transport  (STII)
  Fry collection, handling and transport  (TRC)
  Fry gathering patterns and socio-economic conditions of fry gatherers in the Philippines.  (PCARRD)
   fundamentals culture systems categorized  (TRC)
  The future for fish in the food and livelihoods of the poor in Asia  (STII)
  Gabay sa Negosyo: Aquaculture Vol. 1  (TRC)
  Gabay sa Negosyo: Aquaculture Vol. 2  (TRC)
  Gabay sa pag-aalaga ng palamuting isda (live-bearer)  (TRC)
  Gabay sa Negosyo: Halaman Dagat  (TRC)
  Gabay sa Negosyo: Pag-aalaga ng bangus  (TRC)
  Gabay Sa Pag-aalaga ng Lapu-Lapu Sa Kulungang Lambat  (TRC)
  Gathering the sea's bounty.  (RO7)
  Genetic diversity in wild stocks of the giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium resenbergii): Implications for aquaculture and conservation  (FNRI)
  Genetics of pearl oyster in relation to aquaculture  (TRC)
  Getting food from water  (STII)
  Giant clams: food for thought  (TRC)
  Go for environmental friendly aquaculture  (STII)
  Go slow, check your technology  (TRC)
  Gracilaria cultivation in the Caribbean  (TRC)
  Gracilaria Culture  (TRC)
  Grouper aquaculture in Southeast Asia  (STII)
  Grow mudcrab in ponds  (TRC)
  Grow-out culture of mangrove red snapper (Lutjanus argentimaculatus Forsskal, 1775) in ponds  (STII)
  Grow-out Culture of the Asian Catfish Clarias Macrocephalus (Gunther)  (TRC)
  Growing fish in fish terraces  (STII)
  Growing fish on your farm : a method to calculate the rentability of fish farming  (TRC)
  Growth, behavioral and physiological responses of Niletilapia Oreochromis niloticus L. during culture and social interaction using aquaria with different colors  (STII)
  Growth and survival of the spiny lobsters (Panulirus ornatus) in cages using two stocking densities at Guiuan Lobster Farm.  (PCARRD)
  Growth of tray-cultured oysters (Crassostrea wiginica Gmelin) in Chesapeake Bay  (TRC)
  Guide To Philippine Flora & Fauna, Vol.1: Endemic Rare & Economically Important Fishes  (TRC)
  Guide to design and construction of coastal aquaculture pond  (STII)
  A Guide To Induced Spawning, Maturation And Sex Reversal In Aquaculture  (TRC)
  A Guide To Planting Seagrasses In The Gulf Of Mexico  (TRC)
  A Guide to tilapia farming  (STII)
  Guidelines for the development of the environmentally acceptable coastal aquaculture  (STII)
  Guidelines for environmentally acceptable coastal aquaculture  (TRC)
  The habits of some tropical crustaceans, II  (STII)
  How to Hang a Gill Net  (TRC)
  Hanging culture of the green mussel (mytilus smaragdinus)  (TRC)
  Harnessing aquaculture technologies for greater productivity: proposed action plan for the Philippines 1985-1988  (TRC)
  Harvesting Gracilariopsis Heteroclada (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta) in Iloilo, Philippines  (STII)
  Harvesting, processing and marketing: quality control - key to high and uniform quality shrimp  (TRC)
  Hatchery and nursery of tilapia  (TRC)
  Hatchery and Nursery of Tilapias  (TRC)
  Hatchery and Nursery of Tilapias  (TRC)
   Hawaiian prawn industry  (TRC)
  Hazards in hatchery  (TRC)
  Health management in aquaculture  (NAST)
  Health management in Asian aquaculture  (TRC)
  Herbal therapy in aquaculture  (PCARRD)
  Histopathological effects of aquafarming on the liver and testes of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) from Taal Lake, Philippines  (STII)
   hormone-induced ovulation and spawning of the Australian freshwater fish golden perch, macquaria ambigua (Richardson) (pereichthyidae)  (TRC)
  Husbandry and health management of grouper  (TRC)
  Hydrobiology of wastewater-fed man-made lotic fish culture ponds in relation to pollution physico-chemical characteristics  (STII)
  Hydrobiology of water-fed man-made Lotic fish culture ponds in relation to pollution physico-chemical characteristics  (STII)
   hypothesis on the spread of EHN virus  (TRC)
  ICLARM Publications catalog  (STII)
  In Iloilo, Philippines: SEAFDEC's Multi-Species Fishery Hatchery
   impact of aquaculture on the shrimp industry.  (TRC)
  Impact of predation by water insects on fish seed production in Lao PDR  (STII)
  Impact of Sea Farming: Fish Farms Vs. Mussel Farm  (TRC)
  Impacts of introduced freshwater fishes in the Philippines (1905-2013)  (STII)
  Improve Fishing in your Pond Problems  (TRC)
  Improved feeds for milkfish  (STII)
  Improved processes for the extraction of the vegetable gum carrageenan from Philippine seaweeds.  (TRC)
  Indoor method in the mass production of penaeids (penaeus monodon fabricus and penaeus indicus H milne edwards) in MSU-IFRAD  (STII)
  Induced breeding and seed production of Bighead Carp Aristichthys nobilis (Richardson)  (STII)
  Induced breeding of Thai silver carp  (TRC)
  Induced breeding of Thai silver carp  (TRC)
  Induced spawning of common CARP "Cyprinus Carpio" using homogenized cow pituitary gland  (STII)
  Induced spawning of the decapod crustacean sicyonia ingentis  (TRC)
  Induced spawning and larval rearing of Ayungin (Leioporherapon plumbeus Kner)  (STII)
  Infestation by brood symbionts and their impact on egg mortality of the Red King Crab, Paralithodes camtschatica, in Alaska:geographic and temphoral  (TRC)
  Influence of soil on biodegradation of organic wastes and production of live fish food organisms  (STII)
  Influence of various photobleaching conditions on agar quality from gracilariopsis heteroclada  (STII)
  Info tips on mangrove-friendly shrimp farming  (STII)
  Info tips on mangrove-friendly shrimp farming  (STII)
  Integrated Coastal Zone Management with Sustainable Aquaculture  (TRC)
  Integrated Coastal Zone Management with Sustaining Aquaculture  (TRC)
  Integrating aquaculture and irrigation.  (RO7)
  Intensibong Pag-aalaga Ng Tilapia Sa Tangke  (TRC)
  Intensibong Pag-aalaga ng Red Tilapia Sa Dram  (TRC)
  Intensibong pag-aalaga ng red tilapiua sa dram. (*A)  (TRC)
  Intensive culture of sea bass, Lates calcarifer Bloch, in brackishwater earthen ponds  (STII)
  Interaction Of pH, Carbon Dioxide, Alkalinity and Hardness In Fish Ponds  (TRC)
  International fishing and international nutrition  (STII)
  Introduction to Natural Grade Carrageenan  (TRC)
   introduction to carrageenan  (TRC)
  Introduction to Tilapia Culture  (TRC)
  An investigation of the sea cucumber and its farming potential.  (PCARRD)
  Jellyfish  (TRC)
  JIRCAS Working Report  (STII)
  In Johor, Malaysia: Racerday System GP 300 as Sea Bass nursery  (TRC)
  Journal of Fisheries & Aquaculture  (STII)
  Koi Carp Breeding  (TRC)
  Laboratory breeding of the mud crab scylla serrata (forskal) through the oea and megalopa stages to the crab stage  (TRC)
  Laboratory Manual for the Culture of Penaeid Shrimp Larvae  (TRC)
  Lapu-lapu  (TRC)
  Large-scale commercial application of penaeid shrimp maturation technology  (TRC)
  Larval Fish: Identification Guide  (TRC)
  Larval rearing of prawn.  (TRC)
  Larval rearing of prawn  (TRC)
  Larval size and recruitment mechanisms in fishes: toward a conceptual framework  (TRC)
  Layout, construction and management of brackishwater fishponds in the Phil.  (TRC)
  Land Bank supports aquaculture entrepreneurs  (PCARRD)
  Legal aspects concerning aquaculture: some food for thought  (TRC)
  Legal aspects of fishpond operation  (TRC)
  Live feeds in aquaculture  (TRC)
  Lobster  (TRC)
  Lobster Culture  (TRC)
  Lobster culture  (TRC)
  Long term culture of hepatocytes of some fish species of the chesapeake bay.  (TRC)
  Macrobrachium culture  (TRC)
  Macrobrachium culture  (TRC)
  Macrobrachium culture  (TRC)
  Mag-alaga ng Palakang Kabkab  (TRC)
  The magic fish feed  (STII)
  Maintaining stock health in aquaculture  (STII)
  Making the most of your catch... The Tunas  (TRC)
  Maliputo can grow in fish cages  (TRC)
  Management of fishponds with acid sulfate soils  (TRC)
  Management of marine fishing industry  (TRC)
  Managing environmental impacts in aquaculture  (STII)
  Managing the river coridors of the Northeastern Catanduanes for inland fisheries and aquaculture development under the prospects of climate change  (STII)
  Mangroves to aquaculture  (STII)
  Mangroves and their utilization for aquaculture  (STII)
  Manual on Hatchery Production of Seabass and Gilthead Seabream Vol. 2  (TRC)
  Manual of operations: sugpo pond culture  (TRC)
  Manual of operations: sugpo pond culture  (TRC)
  Manual on seaweed farming 1. Eucheuma spp.  (TRC)
  Manual on Seaweed Gracilaria Farming  (TRC)
  A Manual On Set Net Fishing Based On Philippine Conditions  (TRC)
  Manual for bait fish culture in the south  (STII)
  Manual For Bangus Culture in Pond  (TRC)
  Manual on mussel farming  (TRC)
  Manual on pond culture of penaeid shrimp  (TRC)
  Marine algae around Mactan Island  (STII)
  Marine cage farming of milkfish (chanos chanos)  (TRC)
  Marine fish parasites of public health importance  (TRC)
  Marine fisheries and aquaculture sectoral technical panel report  (STII)
  Marine microalgae in aquaculture systems  (TRC)
  Market interactions between aquaculture and common-property fisheries  (STII)
  Marketing the Greenshell Mussel  (TRC)
  Mass cultivation of the blue-green alga "Spirulina Plantesis"  (TRC)
  Mass culture of the sea urchin Tripnuestes gratilla  (STII)
  Measurement of volatile aroma constituents as a means for following sensory deterioration of fresh fish & fishery products  (TRC)
  Method for shucking of clams  (TRC)
  Methods for determining size & sex of marketed mud crabs (scylla serrata forskal) & sand crabs (portunus pelagicus linnaeus) in Queensland  (TRC)
  mexico: aquaculture offers a solution to diet and debt  (FNRI)
  Mga panuntunan sa pag-aalaga ng hito  (TRC)
  Milkfish broodstock management and fry production in tanks  (STII)
  Milkfish Culture  (TRC)
  Milkfish Culture*  (TRC)
  Milkfish culture guide and phytoplankton culture for prawn ponds  (TRC)
  Milkfish culture and management in brackishwater Pond  (TRC)
  Milkfish Farming In Marine Pens And Cages
  Milkfish (fishpond)  (TRC)
  Milkfish fry and fingerling industry of the Philippines  (TRC)
  Milkfish polyculture farming in the Philippines: a socio economic study.  (PCARRD)
  Milkfish Ponds From Mangroves  (TRC)
  Mindanao producers endorse sustainable aquaculture practices  (PCARRD)
  Moderate inhibition of luminous Vibrio harveyi by aqueous extracts obtained from the skin of tilapia, Oreochromis sp.  (STII)
  Modern application of xanthophylls in animal feeding - a review  (FNRI)
  Mollusc culture  (TRC)
  Molluscicidal Activity of Derris Elliptica on Golden Snail  (STII)
  Mono and polyculture of milkfish and prawn in a modular pond system.  (TRC)
  Moriculture and sericulture  (TRC)
  Mud Crab (alimango) JUvenile Rearing, Fattening and Grow-out Culture  (TRC)
  Mud crabs can be frozen before cooking but care needed  (TRC)
  Mudcrab fattening/culture in mangrove  (TRC)
  Mudcrab hatchery  (TRC)
  Mudcrab pen culture in mangrove areas  (TRC)
   many uses of aquariums.  (TRC)
  Mussel Culture *  (TRC)
  NAGA, the ICLARM quarterly  (STII)
  NAGA, WorldFish Center Quarterly  (STII)
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  Native fish demand boosts business for breeder  (TRC)
  Natural production of commerically important seaweed species  (TRC)
  Near shore macroalgae culture on tropical developing countries  (TRC)
  NFI fish parasites project  (TRC)
  Non-Genotoxic and Antigenotoxic Activity of PNG Caragheenan  (STII)
  Northern Crayfish: an update  (TRC)
  Notes on the algal flora of New Zealand, I. Fresh-water diatoms from New Zealand  (STII)
  Notes on the algal flora of New Zealand, II. Fresh water diatoms algae from Napier  (STII)
  Notes on the Completion of the Life Cycle of Penaeus Japonicus in Captivity in the Philippines  (STII)
  Notes on the food preference of scylla serrata forskal  (TRC)
  Notes and observation on practices of culturing scylla serrata in Western Visayas  (TRC)
  Notes on the occurence of undesirable organisms in MSU-IFRD prawn (peanaeus indicus milne edwards and penaeus monodon fabricus) hatchery tanks  (STII)
  Novel cytotoxic peptides from the tropical marine cyanobacterium germothamnion enteromorphoides: 1. discovery, isloation & initial chemical...  (TRC)
  NuPro: the alternative protein source of aquafeeds  (PCARRD)
  Nursery culture of wild and hatchery-bred rabbitfish, Siganus gattatus (Bloch) juveniles at different feed combinations  (STII)
  Nursery Management of Grouper  (TRC)
  Nursery management of prawns  (TRC)
  Nursery management of prawns  (TRC)
  Nursery management of prawns  (TRC)
  Nutrition and feeding of penaeus monodon.  (TRC)
  Observation on crab (alimango) culture  (TRC)
  Observation on the host-parasite relationship of Epipenaeon ingens Nobili (Epicaridea:Bopyridae) and Penaeus semisulcatus de Haan  (STII)
  Observations on the care of captive kemp's ridleys (lepidochelys kempi)  (TRC)
  Observations on the culture of alimango, scylla serrata of Camarines Norte (Philippines)  (TRC)
  Observations on the culture of the mud crab, scylla serrata  (TRC)
  Occurrence of cellulose activities in planktonic crustaceans inhabiting mangrove areas in Malaysia  (STII)
  Occurrence and seasonal distribution of marine planktonic diatoms from Tsingtao and its vicinity  (STII)
  Octopus: Access to Japan's import market  (TRC)
  Offshore delight... The black sea bass  (TRC)
  Offshore Fish Farming  (TRC)
  Offshore fish farming system  (TRC)
  On-board quality control: Preparing mid-atlantic fisheries for the future  (TRC)
   Oplan Sagip - Sugpo  (TRC)
  Organic shrimp farming- the Thailand experience  (TRC)
  Overview of selected diseases and drug needs for salmonids.  (TRC)
  Oxygen transfer calculations for a tractor-powered paddlewheel aerator  (TRC)
  Oxygen Transfer Calculations for a Tractor-Powered Paddlewheel Aerator  (TRC)
  Oyster  (TRC)
  Oyster Culture  (TRC)
  Oyster Farming  (TRC)
   Oyster farms of Kawit:a coastal town of Cavite has turned to oyster growing which has proved better than rice farming.  (TRC)
  Oyster And Mussel Farming
  Oyster seafarming in the Philippines: a socio economic study.  (PCARRD)
  Pag-aalaga ng bangus(chanos chanmo forskal) sa kulungang lambat (fish cage)  (TRC)
  Pag-aalaga ng guso  (TRC)
  Pag-aalaga ng Hipon(Shrimp)  (TRC)
  Pag-aalaga ng silver pampano sa kulungang lambat  (TRC)
  pag-aalaga ng Silver pompano sa kulungang lambat  (TRC)
  Pag-aalaga ng Talaba sa Balsang Kawayan (Oyster Culture in KAFT)  (TRC)
  Pag-aalaga ng Tilapia sa Palaisdaan  (TRC)
  Pag-aalaga ng alimango  (STII)
  Pag-aalaga ng alimango  (STII)
  Pag-aalaga ng bangus  (STII)
  Pag-aalaga ng bangus  (STII)
  Pag-aalaga ng hito  (STII)
  Pag-aalaga ng hito  (STII)
  Pag-aalaga ng Guso (Kappaphycus Alvarezii)  (TRC)
  Pag-aalaga ng Pulang Tilapia sa Palaisdaan  (TRC)
  Pag-aalaga ng silver pampano sa kulungang lambat (*A)  (TRC)
  Pag-aalaga ng Tilapia Sa Isang Ektaryang Palaisdaan  (TRC)
  Pag-Atiman Hin Bangus Ha "Fish Cage"  (TRC)
  Pagpapalaki at pamamahala ng kalusugan ng lapu-lapu  (TRC)
  Pagpapalaki at pamamahala ng kalusugan ng lapu-lapu  (TRC)
  Pagpatubo Han Alimango Ha Katunggan  (TRC)
  An Pagpatubo Hin Guso: Eucheuma Kappaphycus spp.  (TRC)
  Pagpatubo Han Lukon  (TRC)
  Partial substitution of di-and tripeptides for native proteins in sea bass diet improves dicentrarchus labrax larval development  (FNRI)
  Pathogens After Shrimp: A Rogues' Gallery Of The Industry's Four Most Destructive Adversaries  (TRC)
  Paul Philip Cruz  (STII)
  Paunch manure as a feed supplement in channel catfish farming  (TRC)
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  Pearl Culture  (TRC)
  Pearl Culture in Abalone Infofish International  (TRC)
  The pearl fishery of Bantayan  (STII)
  Pearl.  (STII)
  Pen And Cage Culture  (TRC)
  Pen culture of mudcrab in mangroves  (TRC)
  Pen culture of mudcrab in mangroves.  (TRC)
  Pen culture of mudcrab in mangroves  (STII)
  How to perform eyestalk ablation in prawns  (TRC)
  The performance of two Philippine fisheries journals in international scientific literature  (STII)
  Peridinium  (STII)
  Philippine Communication policies for countryside development  (FNRI)
  Philippine ornamental tropical freshwater aquarium fish: industry situationer & marketing prospects  (TRC)
  Philippine science and technology abstracts  (STII)
   Philippine seaweed industry  (TRC)
  Philippine seaweeds  (TRC)
  Philippine seaweeds  (TRC)
  Philippine stony corals: VI. Five Species, new or unreported from the country  (STII)
  Philippine success story for tilapia  (TRC)
   The Philippines Recommends for Mussel and Oyster  (TRC)
   The Philippines recommends for mussels and oyster  (TRC)
  The Philippines Recommends for Mussels and Oysters  (TRC)
  The Philippines recommends for mussels and oysters  (TRC)
  First Philippines-US phycology workshop Oct 24 - Nov 4, 1984  (TRC)
   physiology of larval fish: digestive tract and formulation of starter diets.  (TRC)
  Phytochemical screening and biological studies on the crude methanol extract of Cinnamomum mercadoi, vidal  (STII)
  Planktonic protist communities in a semi-enclosed mariculture pond: structural variatio and correlation with environmental conditions   (STII)
  Plankton studies in Formosan inland waters  (STII)
  Plankton variability in aquaculture areas of Lingayen gulf.  (RO7)
  Pointers of Eucheuma Culture  (TRC)
  Pointers on Euchema culture  (TRC)
  Pointers on eucheuma culture  (TRC)
  Some pointers on prawn and shrimp culture  (TRC)
  Polyculture of tilapia and ulang in ponds  (TRC)
  Polyculture of milkfish (chanos chanos forsskal) with green mussel (perna viridis linnaeus) and brackishwater ponds  (TRC)
  Polyculture of Milkfish & Siganid in Fish Cages  (TRC)
  Polyculture of nile tilapia, grass carp and common carp in freshwater ponds  (STII)
  Polyculture of Tilapia and Ulang in Ponds  (TRC)
  Polyculture of tilapia and ulang in ponds (*A)  (TRC)
  Pond Construction & Maintenance for Tilapia Breeding & Growout  (TRC)
  Pond culture of nile tilapia  (TRC)
  Pond culture of tilapia  (TRC)
  The Use of Pond Liners in Aquaculture  (TRC)
  Pond preparation for prawn production  (TRC)
  Pond-to-plate analysis of the U.S. farm-raised catfish industry  (STII)
  Postharvest handling of fresh chilled and frozen shrimp  (TRC)
  Postharvest handling of fresh fish  (TRC)
  Postharvest Processing - mud crab  (TRC)
  Postlarval rearing of prawn in nursery tanks  (TRC)
  Potential of Brackishwater Fishponds for Tilapia Production  (TRC)
  Poylculture of milkfish (chanos chanos) and mud crab (scylla serrata) at two stocking densities  (TRC)
  A Practical Guide to Feeds and Feed Management for Cultured Groupers  (TRC)
  Practical guide to identification of larval stages of peaneus monodon  (TRC)
  Practical guide to identification of larval stages of penaeus monodon  (TRC)
  Practical guide to the identification of larval stages of p. monodon  (TRC)
  A Practical guide to trout farming  (STII)
  Practical methods for chilled and frozen storage of tilapia spermatozoa  (TRC)
  Prawn aquaculture investment considerations  (TRC)
  Prawn culture  (TRC)
  Prawn culture in Ghana  (TRC)
  Prawn culture comments.  (TRC)
  Prawn farming: prospects and problems  (TRC)
  Prawn hatchery operation and management.  (TRC)
  Prawn pond culture  (TRC)
  Prawn pond engineering  (TRC)
  Prawn tales  (TRC)
  A preliminary analysis of some selected fish prices in the Philippines  (STII)
  Preliminary observations on epistylis sp. infestation in food organism and shrimp hatchery tanks in MSU-IFRD  (STII)
  Preliminary study on the larval rearing of sugpo with emphasis on water management as an economical meausre for maintaining water quality and controlling shrimp mycosis  (STII)
  Preliminary study on the spawning and development of scylla serrata forskal  (TRC)
  The present and future of integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) from the aquaculture viewpoint.  (TRC)
  Preservation of shark skin.  (TRC)
  A Primer On Prawn Culture  (TRC)
  Principles of Cage Operation & Management  (TRC)
  Principles and Products of Pond Aquaculture: A State of the Art Review  (TRC)
  Problems in aquaculture and their solutions  (PCARRD)
  Proceedings of the seminar-workshop on breeding and seed production of cultured finfishes in the Philippines, Tigbuan, Iloilo, Philippines, 4-5 May 1993  (STII)
  Proceedings of the Southeast Asia Shrimp Farm management workshop - Phil. Indonesia, Thailand, July 26-August 11, 1989  (TRC)
  Production and Culturing of Red Tilapia (Snapper Merapi)  (TRC)
   production economics of an integrated hatchery and floating nursery project  (TRC)
  Production of food grade agar  (TRC)
  Production Of Grouper(lapu-lapu) In The Philippines: A Feasibility Study On The TAPI-DOST  (TRC)
  Production of aquatic animals  (STII)
  Production planning aids for modular pond system  (TRC)
  Produksyon ng halamang-dagat  (STII)
  Profile of a lentic resource  (TRC)
   profitability of switching to prawn farming  (TRC)
  Promotion of mall-scale shrimp and prawn hatcheries in India and Bangladesh  (TRC)
  Promoting appropriate aquaculture technology for more fish in Southeast Asia  (STII)
  Propects for pearl culture in India  (TRC)
  Properties of rhizoclonium implexum as feed ingredient  (STII)
  Prospect of milkfish sea cage farming  (TRC)
  Prospects for higher yield , more profit with BFt in shrimp farms  (STII)
  Protecting fisheries around the world  (TRC)
  Prudent use of antibiotics in aquaculture  (PCARRD)
  Purification and characterization of proteinase from tilapia muscle  (TRC)
  PVP-Carrageenan Hydrogel Dressing For Burns, Wounds and Bedsores  (TRC)
  Quality control in fish plants.  (TRC)
  Quantification of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) using QRT-PCR and their utilization in the induced spawning of African catfish (Clarias gariepinus, Buchell 1822)  (PCARRD)
  Questions raised on NZ shellfish algal bloom  (TRC)
  R&D Philippines  (STII)
  Raise tilapia in rice paddies  (TRC)
  Raising Catfish in a Barrel  (TRC)
  Raising Lapu-lapu  (TRC)
  Raising your own fish fingerlings  (TRC)
  Rapid communication: oocyte activation in the marine shrimp, sicyonia ingentis  (TRC)
  Reuse of Human wastes in aquaculture : a technical review  (TRC)
  Rearing experiments with five species of Australian freshwater fishes  (TRC)
  Recent advances in agriculture in Southeast ASia  (TRC)
  Recent Developments in the Genetic Improvement of the Giant Freshwater Prawn (Macrobrachium sp)  (TRC)
  Receptor binding assay for red tide toxin monitoring  (STII)
  Recirculating Aquaculture systems  (TRC)
  Red tide: frequently asked questions  (TRC)
  Region 02 technoguide for tilapia (1997 edition)  (STII)
  Regional guidelines for responsible aquaculture in Southeast Asia  (STII)
  Regional Guidelines For Responsible Fisheries in Southeast Asia  (TRC)
  Report on the 1995 round table discussion, SEAFDEC/AQD, Tigbauan, Iloilo, 6-7 February 1995  (STII)
  Report of the planning workshop for the special five-year program on sustainable fisheries for food security in the ASEAN Region (aquaculture) 2006-2010  (STII)
  Report of the seminar-workshop on Integrated Regional Aquaculture Program  (STII)
  Requirements for the design layout and construction of a prawn hatchery  (TRC)
  Research On Crustaceans  (TRC)
  Research and development highlights of the NARRDS (National Aquatic Resources Research and Development System) 1988-1992  (STII)
  A Research framework For traditional fisheries  (TRC)
  Research On Freshwater Fishes  (TRC)
  Research on Lake Ecology  (TRC)
  Reservoir Fisheries of Asia: Proceedings of the 2nd Asian reservoir fisheries workshop held in Hangzhou, People Republic of China, 15-19 October 1990  (TRC)
  Reservoir fishery management and developement in Asia: proceedings of a workshop held in Katmandu, Nepal, 23-28 November, 1987  (TRC)
  Response to selection for low and high occurence of sexual maturation at a fixed age in Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.)  (NAST)
  Responsible use of antibiotics in aquaculture  (TRC)
  Responsible aquaculture development in Southeast Asia  (STII)
  A review of Philippine Holocentridæ  (STII)
  Reviving the wild population of eels  (STII)
  Rice:freshwater prawn  (TRC)
  The Role of aquaculture and living aquatic resources  (TRC)
  Running Water Culture Systems:aquaculture course for social scientists  (TRC)
  Rural aquaculture  (STII)
  Rural women in aquaculture  (FNRI)
  Saline Tilapia Production In Central Luzon  (TRC)
  Salmon (farmed & wild)  (TRC)
  Salmon speak  (TRC)
  Salmon still a major part of Chile's aquaculture success  (TRC)
  Scallops  (STII)
   science and business of growing oysters  (TRC)
  Sea Urchin Farming  (TRC)
  Sea urchin production in cages  (TRC)
  Sea urchin.  (TRC)
  Sea water culture of rainbow trout  (TRC)
  Seabass Culture  (TRC)
  Seafarming as alternative to small-scale fishing in ASEAN region  (TRC)
  SEAFDEC nursery pond system solves prawn fry survival problems  (TRC)
  SEAFDEC ASIAN Aquaculture  (STII)
  SEAFDEC quarterly research report  (STII)
  SEAFDEC's multi-species fish hatchery  (TRC)
  Seafood Facts Sheet
  Sealing fish ponds  (TRC)
  Seaweed (Kappahycus Sp.) Farming  (TRC)
  Seaweed Culture  (TRC)
  Seaweed Culture in the Asia-Pacific Region  (TRC)
  Seaweed Farming - an EAGA opportunity  (TRC)
  Seaweed raft and farm design in th United States and China  (TRC)
  Seaweed Raft and Farm Design in the United States and China  (TRC)
  Seaweed Tablet: A Natural Source of Iodine  (STII)
  Seaweeds: their uses in food and other industries  (TRC)
  Seaweeds (DA-BFAR)  (TRC)
  Seaweeds Farming  (TRC)
  Seaweeds project study  (TRC)
  Sea Cage Farming of Milkfish  (TRC)
  The second international symposium on tilapia in aquaculture Bangkok, Thailand 16-20, March 1987  (STII)
  Sea cucumbers: extraordinary but edible all the same.  (TRC)
  Seed production  (TRC)
  Seed production and grow-out of mud crab (Scylla paramamosain) in Vietnam  (STII)
  Seed Production And Rearing Process Of Tilapia  (TRC)
  Seed Production of the Spotted Murrel-A Promise for the Future  (TRC)
  Selected aspects of warm-water fish culture: a compilation based on lectures presented at a series of FAO/AGFUND Inter'l Training Courses in Aqua...  (TRC)
  Selection of marine shrimp for culture  (TRC)
  Selection of marine shrimp for culture  (TRC)
  Selective shrimp-catching devices: a review.  (TRC)
  Semi-Intensive Culture of Milkfish  (TRC)
  Semi-extensive shrimps farm management  (TRC)
  Semi-Intensive Culture of Milkfish  (TRC)
  Semi-intensive culture of  milkfish  (TRC)
  Semi-intensive Prawn Culture  (TRC)
  Sea products of Mindanao and Sulu, 111: Sponges, tortoise shell, corals, and trepang  (STII)
  Sea products of Mindanao and Sulu, I  (STII)
  Sea products of Mindanao and Sulu, II  (STII)
  Set-Net fishing technology transfer for sustainable coastal fisheries management in Southeast Asia  (TRC)
  Sea Urchin Culture In Cages  (TRC)
  Shelf life of shrimp stored at different temperatures.  (TRC)
  Shellfish culture in Southeast Asia  (TRC)
  Shellfish depuration using laboratory and pilot plant scale system in Indonesia  (TRC)
  Shrimp  (TRC)
  Shrimp Aquaculture: Pros And Cons  (TRC)
  Shrimp Cooperative in action and Key issues in Marketing Shrimp  (TRC)
  Shrimp culture  (TRC)
  Shrimp Farming in Sandy Areas  (TRC)
  Shrimp rations for the future  (TRC)
  Shrimps  (TRC)
  Shrimps  (TRC)
  Siganids (Culture in Cages)  (TRC)
  Silvoaquaculture - fish, ponds, trees and farms  (TRC)
  A Simple Comparison Of Farm Economics: Should You Use Cages And Pens Instead Of Ponds?  (TRC)
  Simple methods for aquaculture: soil and freshwater fish culture  (TRC)
  Simple methods for aquaculture: water for freshwater fish culture  (TRC)
  Simpleng gabay sa pagtitilapya: Pagpapalaki ng Tilapya  (TRC)
  Simpleng gabay sa pagtitilapya  (STII)
  Simpleng gabay sa pagtitilapya pagpapaanak o pagpaparami ng tilapya  (STII)
  Simpling gabay sa pagtitilapya: pagpapa-anak o pagpaparami ng tilapya  (TRC)
  Siquijor's vanishing fishtrap  (TRC)
  Site Selection for Prawn Ponds  (TRC)
  Site Selection Criteria for Euchuma Culture  (TRC)
  Site Selection for Prawn Pond  (TRC)
  Small-scale rural aquaculture in Assam, India  (STII)
  Small-scale oyster farming for pleasure and profit  (TRC)
  A socio economic study of tilapia farming in the Philippines.  (PCARRD)
  A socio economic survey of the aquaculture industry in Mindanao.  (PCARRD)
  Socio economic survey of the aquaculture industry of Central Luzon.  (PCARRD)
  A socio-economic survey of the aquaculture industry in Bicol.  (PCARRD)
  A socio-economic survey of the aquaculture industry of Cagayan Valley.  (PCARRD)
  Socioeconomics of tilapia culture in Asia  (STII)
   Soft Shell Clam  (TRC)
  Soft Shell Crabs
  Soil and water quality management in aquaculture ponds  (TRC)
  How to Solve the Declining Yield of RP's Major Seaweed  (TRC)
  Spawning and larval rearing of California yellowtail (Seriola lalandi) in Southern California  (STII)
  Spawning and larval rearing of mudcrab, scylla serrata in the laboratory  (STII)
  Species of marine macro-algae new to the Philippines  (TRC)
  A new species of Palæmon from Northern Luzon  (STII)
  SRAC: Carbon Dioxide In Fish Ponds  (TRC)
  SRAC: Recirculating Aquaculture Tank Production Systems: Aquaponics-Integrating Fish & Plant Culture  (TRC)
  SRAC: Water Quantity And Quality Requirements For Channel Catfish Hatcheries  (TRC)
  SRAC: What Is Cage Culture?  (TRC)
  SRAC: Algae Blooms In Commercial Fish Production Ponds  (TRC)
  SRAC: Bullfrog Culture  (TRC)
  SRAC: Control Of Clay Turbidity In Ponds  (TRC)
  SRAC: Fertilization Of Fish Ponds  (TRC)
  SRAC: Nitrate In Fish Ponds  (TRC)
  SRAC: Species Profile: Koi and Goldfish
  SRAC: Tilapia-Life History & Biology, Pond Culture, Tank Culture, Cage Culture  (TRC)
  The State of Seagrass Ecosystems and Resources in the Philippines  (TRC)
  State of the art & abstract bibliography of seaweed research  (TRC)
  Status of the Philippine Tuna Fisheries  (TRC)
  The Status and Prospects of Coastal Aquaculture in Taiwan (COA)  (TRC)
  The status and prospects of coastal aquaculture in Taiwan  (TRC)
  Status and prospects of shrimp farming in the Philippines  (TRC)
  Stocking your pond  (TRC)
  The strategic importance of fisheries and other aquatic resources in national development: some institutional implications  (STII)
  Strategy for shrimp by-catch utilization  (TRC)
  Studies on the culture of edible freshwater snails in Central Luzon  (TRC)
  Studies on the anatomy of the bañgos, Chanos chanos (Forskàl), I. The skeletal system  (STII)
  Studies on blue discolouration in canned body meat of crab (scylla serrata)  (TRC)
  Studies on the pond culture of caulerpa  (TRC)
  A Study On Conversion Local To Standard Units Of Measurements For Selected Fishery Products: Philippines  (TRC)
  A Study of people's power  (TRC)
  A Study of people's power  (TRC)
  Subject: rules and regulations governing the gathering and farming of seaweeds  (TRC)
  Sugpo cage farming in fresh water  (TRC)
  Sugpo farming  (TRC)
  Sugpo farming  (TRC)
  Summer special...The Sea trout  (TRC)
  Sustainable Production System of Aquatic Animals in Brackish Mangrove Areas (2005)  (TRC)
  Systematic study of Molluscan Fauna of Layari River Part 7: Bivalves (Palaeoheterodonta).  (STII)
  Tanuopine and D-lactate as metabolic stress indicators during transport and storage of abalone  (TRC)
  Tapping underwater gems through pearl culture  (TRC)
  Tassal swallows up safcol  (TRC)
  A taxonomical and ecological study of shallow water opisthobranchs of Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro and Sta. Maria, lIocos Sur, Philippines  (STII)
  Taxonomy of economic seaweeds: with reference to some Pacific and Caribbean species vol. 1  (TRC)
  Techno Guide: Grouper in Cages  (TRC)
  Technical brief for an integrated person production complex  (TRC)
  Technologies For Population Control Of Tilapia In The Philippines  (TRC)
  Technology  (STII)
   technology and economics of small-scale commercial prawn (macrobrachium rosenbergii) hatcheries  (TRC)
   technology and economics of small-scale commercial prawn (macrobrachium rosenberger) hatcheries.  (TRC)
  Technology:Fertilization Management in Brackishwater fishponds.  (TRC)
  Technology Guide on Seaweed Culture  (TRC)
  Technology Guide in Seaweed Culture  (TRC)
  Technology guide on seaweed culture  (TRC)
  Technology of intensive bangus culture for maximum profit  (TRC)
  Testing consumer acceptability of cultured prawn  (TRC)
  Tiger shrimp pens in Thailand  (TRC)
  Tiger shrimp pens in Thailand  (TRC)
  Tiger Shrimp Pens In Thailand
  Tilapia genetic resources for aquaculture  (STII)
  Tilapia genetics and culture  (TRC)
  Tilapia Cage Culture In Lake  (TRC)
  Tilapia CAge Farming  (TRC)
  Tilapia in Cages/Ponds  (TRC)
  Tilapia Culture in Brackish Water Fish Cage (GI Pipe Frame)  (TRC)
  Tilapia Culture In Pen  (TRC)
  Tilapia farming  (TRC)
  Tilapia Farming For Tilanggit Production
  Tilapia Fish Cage Culture(Bamboo & GI Pipe Frame)  (TRC)
  Tilapia Growout Culture in Pond  (TRC)
  Tilapia Hatchery and Nursery Management in Earthen Ponds in the Bicol Region  (TRC)
  Tilapia industry profile and action research and development program  (TRC)
  Tolerance of giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium roesnberghde man) postlarvae to higher salinities reared in aquaria at the laboratory of Cebu State College of Sclence and Technology,San Francisco, Cebu Campus  (STII)
  Towards sustainable aquaculture in the Philippines  (STII)
  Towards sustainable aquaculture in Southeast Asia and Japan  (STII)
  Toxic Effects of Quinine Factory Effluents on Tilapia Oreochromis Mossambicus and Aquatic Ecosystem  (STII)
  Trade of corals  (TRC)
  Training manual on pearl oyster farming & pearl culture in India  (TRC)
  Training materials on small scale eel culture  (TRC)
  How to transport and acclimate prawn fry  (STII)
  How to transport and acclinate prawn fry.  (TRC)
  Transporting fish by air.  (TRC)
  Trimenthylamine formation in fillets of yellowfin tuna as an index of freshness  (STII)
  Trophic analyses of opportunistic polychaetes (Ophryotrocha cyclops) at salmonid aquaculture sites  (STII)
  Tropical fish diseases - How your ornamental fish will become healthy and lively again  (TRC)
   trouble with antibiotics and pesticides in aquaculture  (TRC)
  Tuna fishing - a review : (Part 1 - General)  (TRC)
  Ulang*  (TRC)
  Understanding aquaculture  (TRC)
  Understanding aquaculture  (TRC)
  Urban aquaculture: hito culture in drums, bamboo and earthen dug-out  (TRC)
  Using break-even analysis in your charter fishing business  (TRC)
  USM R&D journal  (STII)
  Utilization of marsh and seagrass habitats by early stages of callinectes sapidus: a latitudinal perspective  (TRC)
  Vanishing tracks of a vanishing creature  (TRC)
  Variation in planktonic availability and settlement of blue crab  (TRC)
  Vibriostatic bacteria isolated from black tiger prawns, Panaeus monodon (Fabricius), pond water and soil of some prawn farms in Negros Occidental  (STII)
  Vibriostatic bacteria isolated from black tiger prawns, Penaeus monodon (Fabricius), pond water and soil of some prawn farms in Negros Occidental  (STII)
  In vitro cultures of oysters crassostrea virginica cells: stimulation by mitogens.  (TRC)
  Water quality analysis and utilization of small farm reservoirs (SFRs) for aquaculture in Region III  (STII)
  Water quality characteristics of a closed recirculating system for tilapia culture and tomato hydroponics  (TRC)
  Waterplants in aquaculture  (TRC)
  Wealth of the sea.  (TRC)
  What's in a tangab?  (STII)
  What you should know about carp culture  (TRC)
  What you should know about largemouth bass (a fish story for anglers>  (TRC)
  Why artificial reefs?  (TRC)
  Why we must conserve our aquatic resources.  (RO7)
  World aquaculture rapidly growing  (PCARRD)
  World shrimp production  (TRC)
  Yabbie talk  (TRC)
  Zooplankton spatial abundance and distribution in the West Bay of Laguna de Bay (Philippines) with notes on potential implications to food and health security  (STII)
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