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There are 684 available Holdings based on Chemical Technology
  “Yaman ng luya” (enchancing the value of versatile ginger)  (STII)
  20 questions about bottled water industry.  (TRC)
  Acrylamide: scientific reviews of Soviet literature on toxicity & hazards of chemicals - 104  (TRC)
  Action of Tecopherol-type Compounds in Directing Reaction Forming Flavor Compounds in Antoxiozing Fish Oils  (TRC)
  Activated carbon: industry profile  (TRC)
  Activated carbon: product profile  (TRC)
  Additives for aqueous industrial coatings  (TRC)
  Additives for aqueous industrial wood coatings  (TRC)
  Additives for architectural coatings  (TRC)
  Additives for emulsion paints, high gloss and decorative wood coatings  (TRC)
  Additives for emulsions and plasters  (TRC)
  Additives for non-aqueous industrial coatings  (TRC)
  Additives for non-aqueous industrial wood coatings  (TRC)
  Additives for solvent based architectural coatings  (TRC)
  Additives for universal pigment pastes  (TRC)
  Adhesives  (TRC)
  Adhesives for surface mounted devices: citations from the compendex database  (TRC)
  Adhesives technology: development since 1979  (TRC)
  Adhesives technology handbook  (TRC)
  Advanced formulations expand PP properties  (TRC)
  Advanced fusing techniques:glass fusing book two.  (TRC)
  Aerosol composition.  (TRC)
  Aerosol sector conversion in action  (TRC)
  Agar-agar production technique improved  (TRC)
  Agglomeration process for making granular detergent  (TRC)
  Agricultural anaerobic digesters : design and operation  (TRC)
  Agricultural anaerobic digesters : design and operation  (TRC)
  Alternate biomass harvesting systems using conventional equipment.  (TRC)
  Amitrole health and safety guide  (TRC)
  Anaerobic digesters for small-scale vegetable processing plants  (TRC)
  Anaerobic/aerobic treatment of paper mill wastes  (TRC)
  Anchored HAL's extends weatherability of parts  (TRC)
  How to Anodize Aluminum  (TRC)
  Antiperspirant-Deodorant composition.  (TRC)
  Anti-settling, dispersing and wetting agents non-aqueous systems  (TRC)
  Application of some novel techniques for rapid bioconversion of cellulose to ethanol and chemicals  (TRC)
  Applying the fishes antifreeze solution.  (TRC)
  An appropriate clamp for bricks burning  (TRC)
  Appropriate Industrial Technology for Oils and Fats  (TRC)
  Aromatheraphy Essential Oil Blending Tips  (TRC)
  Arsenic sorption by chitosan and chitin deacetylase production by mucir ruoxii  (TRC)
   The art of floor care: training guide  (TRC)
   art of washroom care: training guide  (TRC)
  Atmospheric evaporators  (TRC)
  Banned and severly restricted chemicals: environmental law guidelines and principles 6  (TRC)
  Batik  (TRC)
  Batters and breadings in food processing  (TRC)
  BAI Tubular Polyethylene Digester (BAI-TPED)  (TRC)
  Beer production.  (TRC)
  Beeswar and its many uses including candle making.  (TRC)
  Beeswax and its many uses including candlemaking  (TRC)
  Beeswax and its many uses including candlemaking  (TRC)
  Better beer and how to brew it  (TRC)
  How to make better soap   (TRC)
  Binderless Board From Coconut (Cocos Nucifera L.) Coir Dust  (TRC)
  Bioconversion of chicken wastes to value-added products  (TRC)
  Bio-earth organic fertilizer  (TRC)
  Biogas digester  (TRC)
  Biogas generation  (TRC)
  Biogas, Compost and Liquid Fertilizer From Rice Straw and Other Wastes (BIOCLF)  (TRC)
  The Biogas technology course  (STII)
  Biogas in Asia and the Pacific.  (TRC)
  Biogassification of wood  (TRC)
  Biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) of nitrogen fixing trees (NFT).  (TRC)
  Biomass Energy - Status, Opportunities and Challenges in the Asia Pacific Region  (TRC)
  Biotechnology in food processing  (TRC)
  Bleaching composition & process.  (TRC)
  Bleaching Composition and Process.  (TRC)
  Block casting with polycast  (TRC)
  Bottled water  (TRC)
  Brewing lager beer  (TRC)
  Brick kiln for quality charcoal making  (TRC)
  Briquetting: A Technology Of Conserving Forests  (TRC)
  Briquetting of combustible cellulose-waste materials  (TRC)
  Briquetting of carbonised cotton stalk  (TRC)
  Briquetting Of Wood And Agro Residues  (TRC)
  How to build a small ferro-cement water tank: technical guide  (TRC)
  Business Guide: Herbal bath soap  (TRC)
  Candle making  (TRC)
  Candle making  (TRC)
  Candle making: the wax mixture  (TRC)
  Candle making: Part III - Increasing Production with a carousel  (TRC)
  Candles  (TRC)
  Carving, modeling and molding : candle making  (TRC)
   The case of a successful coco-processing enterprise  (TRC)
  Castor Oil For Textile And Leather Industry  (TRC)
  Castor:markets utilization and markets.  (TRC)
   catalytic hydrogenation of fats and oils  (TRC)
   cement kiln as incinerator  (TRC)
  Centrifugal honey extractor.  (TRC)
  Ceramic glazes : basic information  (TRC)
  Ceramic glazes : basic information  (TRC)
  Ceramics: access to Japanese import market  (TRC)
  Ceramics in the Philippines  (TRC)
  Characterization Of Carbon Containing Materials With Respect To Pyrolysis And Gasification  (TRC)
  Charcoal briquette and its economic importance  (TRC)
  Charcoal briquettes: an affordable quality fuel  (TRC)
  Charcoal briquettes from agri-wood waste  (TRC)
  Charcoal briquettes from agri-wood wastes  (TRC)
  Charcoal briquetting technology  (TRC)
  How to make charcoal from coconut husk and coconut shell  (TRC)
  Charcoal making using the improved drum method  (TRC)
  Charcoal making using the improved pit method  (TRC)
  Charcoal production using a transportable metal kiln  (TRC)
  Charcoal production & utilization of coconut shells & trunk in the Philippines  (TRC)
  Charcoal as supplementary fuel for cement production  (TRC)
  Chemical and allied industries: appropriate technology from NDRC vol. 1  (TRC)
  Chemical basis of the quality of seafood flavors and aromas  (TRC)
   chemical formulary  (TRC)
  Chemical technology of petroleum  (STII)
  Chemicals and chemical based products industry in the Philippines  (TRC)
  Chemistry & technology of wines & liquors  (TRC)
  Chinese Biogas Manual: Popularizing Technology In The Countryside  (TRC)
  Chlorine  (TRC)
  Chromium: scientific reviews of Soviet literature on toxicity & hazards of chemicals - 68  (TRC)
  Cleaner technologies substitutes assessment: professional fabricare processes.  (TRC)
  Cleaning and finishing of stainless steel and heat resisting alloys  (TRC)
   clear truth about bottled water: myths and facts.  (TRC)
  Clean laundry without phosphate-built detergents  (TRC)
  Coating / sealing materials for cement-bonded board roofing  (TRC)
  Coating chemistry key to FPC consistency  (TRC)
  Coco soapmaking by cold process  (TRC)
  Coco vinegar  (TRC)
  Coconut Biodiesel  (TRC)
  Coconut juice  (TRC)
  Coconut meat  (TRC)
  Coconut Oil  (TRC)
  Coconut oil  (TRC)
  Coconut oil  (TRC)
  Coconut oil  (TRC)
  Coconut oil extraction by a new enzymatic processes  (TRC)
  Coconut oil extraction on farmer cooperative level  (TRC)
  Coconut oil processing.  (TRC)
  Coconut processing  (TRC)
  Coconut shell charcoal  (TRC)
  Coconut: towards a healthful living  (TRC)
  How to make coconut vinegar  (TRC)
  How to make coconut vinegar  (TRC)
  Coconut water processing  (TRC)
  Coffee Aromatization.  (TRC)
  Cold Process Soap Making Plant  (TRC)
  Collection of simple biogas digester designs  (TRC)
  Combustion of cattle feedlot manure for energy production  (TRC)
  Combustion of rice husks in a spouted bed combustion  (TRC)
  A comparative analysis of the effects of urea and organic fertilizer from rice hulls and grass cuttings on the growth rate of Brassica chinensis  (STII)
   complete joy of home brewing  (TRC)
  Composition Having Bleaching, Sterilizing,and Disinfecting Properties and Method of Preparation Thereof.  (TRC)
  Compounding materials for the polymer industries : a concise guide to polymers, rubbers, adhesives and coatings  (TRC)
  Conservation and sequestration of carbon: the potential of forest and agroforest management practices  (TRC)
  Corrosion inhibitors and conductivity improvers (title provided by cataloger)  (TRC)
  Cosmetic products from semi-refined shark liver oil  (TRC)
  Cosmetics  (TRC)
  Cosmetics (beauty parlor products)  (TRC)
  Cotton-seed as a diesel-engine fuel  (TRC)
  Cotton-seed as a diesel-engine fuel  (TRC)
   The Current Status Of Coal Production And Use In The Philippines And The Country's Environmental Protection Policy Measures For Efficient
  Decametrin: scientific reviews of Soviet literature on toxicity & hazards of chemicals - 102  (TRC)
  Decolorizing and process of producing the same  (TRC)
  Defoamers (1) mineral oil-free air release agents  (TRC)
  Defoamers (2) mineral oil-based  (TRC)
  Demonstration plant for processing cassava to ethanol.  (TRC)
  Dental Cream.  (TRC)
  Dentrifice  (TRC)
   The design, construction and operation of a unit for the carbonisation of coconut shell with recovery of waste heat  (TRC)
   The design, construction and operation of a unit for the carbonisation of coconut shell with recovery of waste heat  (TRC)
  Design and development of a small-scale charcoal briquetting plant  (TRC)
  Design and testing of a solar powered refrigerator (AIT research report no. 126)  (TRC)
  Design and operation of cold stores in developing coutries.  (TRC)
  Design of a small-scale lignocellulose plant for ethanol production  (TRC)
  Design of a Small-scale Lignocellulose Plant for Ethanol Production  (TRC)
  Design of a small-scale lignocellulose plant for ethanol production  (TRC)
  Dessert, appetizer and related flavored wines: the technology of their production  (TRC)
  Detergent Bars  (TRC)
  Detergent compositions.  (TRC)
  Detergent Compositions Containing a Smectite-type Clay Softening Agent.  (TRC)
  Detergent Compositions Having Fabric Conditioning Properties.  (TRC)
  Detergent Compounds and Compositions.  (TRC)
  Development Of Biomass-Based Absorbent For Oil Slick Control
  Development Of Biomass-Based Absorbent For Oil Slick Control
  Development of an Integrated System for Producing Ethanol from Biomass  (TRC)
  Development of oil finish from castor plant(Ricinus communis L.) seeds.  (TRC)
  Dianhydrides And Dianhydride Blends For Improved Performance  (TRC)
  Diesel fuel extenders and substitutes  (TRC)
  Diesel fuel substitute from coconut oil  (TRC)
  Diploma in perfumery correspondence course 1: odours,their description and classification.  (TRC)
  Diploma in perfumery correspondence course 10: The perfume industry  (TRC)
  Diploma in perfumery correspondence course 3: Aromatic chemicals  (TRC)
  Diploma in perfumery correspondence course 4: Derivatives of essential oils: aromatic specialities  (TRC)
  Diploma in perfumery correspondence course 4:derivatives of essential oils:aromatic specialities.  (TRC)
  Diploma in perfumery correspondence course 5: Historical development of perfumery  (TRC)
  Diploma in perfumery correspondence course 6: Extrait perfumes & toilet waters  (TRC)
  Diploma in perfumery correspondence course 8: Applications of perfumes  (TRC)
  Diploma in perfumery correspondence course 9: Quality control and assurance  (TRC)
  Diploma in perfumery correspondence:course A:quality control and assurance.  (TRC)
  Dispersing agents for aqueous pigment pastes and slurries  (TRC)
  Dispersing agents for solvent based pigment pastes  (TRC)
  Distillation apparatus  (TRC)
  Dry Carbonated Beverage Mixes.  (TRC)
  Dye plants and dyeing : a handbook  (TRC)
  Dye Plants and Dyeing: A Handbook  (TRC)
  Dyeing  (TRC)
  Dyeing and printing: a handbook  (TRC)
  Dyeing and chemical technology of textile fibers  (STII)
   dyeing: tying up a rainbow  (TRC)
  Earn extra money from charcoal  (TRC)
  Economics of production of synthetic resin adhesives  (TRC)
  Economics of production of synthetic resin adhesives  (TRC)
  The effect of chitin on the pH of nata de coco effluent  (STII)
  The effectiveness of kamias fruit extract as parasiticide  (STII)
  Effects of Industrial effluent on the germination and early seedling growth of tomato  (STII)
  Effects of papaya latex and garlic extract on post-harvest disease of carabao mango (Mangifera indica l.)  (STII)
  Efficiencies of methanol production from gas, coal, waste or wood  (TRC)
  The efficiency of averrhoa bilimbi linn. extract as an oxydizing agent for electrochemical cell  (STII)
  Emerging petro-chemicals industry: implications for developing countries  (TRC)
  Emerging petrochemicals technology: implications for developing countries  (TRC)
  Enameling metal : fusing color in a kiln  (TRC)
  Encyclopedia of chemical technology  (ITDI)
  Engineer's handbook of adhesives  (TRC)
  Engines for biogas: theory, modification, economic operation  (TRC)
  Enzymatic conversion of cellulosic materials to sugars and alcohol: the technology and its implications  (TRC)
  Enzymes in food and beverage processing  (TRC)
  Enzymes for tissue culture processing  (TRC)
  Epichlorohydrin health and safety guide  (TRC)
  Epichlorohydrin: Environmental health criteria 33  (TRC)
  Epoxy polyacrylate hybrids ... a continuing study  (TRC)
  Epoxy resins curing agents, compounds, and modifiers: an industrial guide  (TRC)
  Essential oil production in the Philippines: problems and prospects  (TRC)
  Essential oils processing: Module I-nature of essential oils  (TRC)
  Etching  (TRC)
  Ethanol - an alternative to its use as a fuel  (TRC)
  Ethanol as a fuel extender  (TRC)
  Ethanol from banana peelings  (STII)
  Ethanol production from dilute and hydrolyzate of sawdust treated with hydrogen peroxide.  (TRC)
  Ethanol production from grasses  (TRC)
  Ethanol production  (TRC)
  Ethanol Production  (TRC)
  Ethylene Abdsorbent Project: A Feasibility Study On The PCHRD-DOST And UPLB-PHTRC-TAPI  (TRC)
  Ethylene absorbent  (TRC)
  Evaluation of SFC IFT-IR for examination of hydrogenated soybean oil  (TRC)
  Exploring the feasibility of using the rare earth's deposits in Bicol  (TRC)
  How to Extract Essential Oils from Local Plants  (TRC)
  Extraction and characterization of rice bran oil  (TRC)
  Extracting liquid fuel out of cacao seeds or theobroma cacao  (STII)
  Extracting liquid fuel from sterculia foetida  (STII)
  Extraction of pectin from papaya "Carica Papaya" peelings  (STII)
  Fabric softener - training handouts  (TRC)
  Fatty Acid Technology  (TRC)
  Fatty alcohol technology  (TRC)
  Feasibility of biogas production on farms (dup.)  (TRC)
  Feasibility of biogas production on farms (dup.)  (TRC)
  The feasibility of Cogon grass root extract as economical and environment friendly substitute for insecticide  (STII)
  Feasibility of foam polystyrene and powdered talaba shells as tiles  (STII)
  Feasibility of large-scale biofuel production  (TRC)
  Feasibility of pure herbal extracts as substitute colorants for water colors  (STII)
  Feasibility study on establishing an ice plant in Voctorias, Negros Occidental  (TRC)
  Fermentation & biochemical engineering handbook: principles, process, design, and equipment  (TRC)
  Fertilizer  (TRC)
  How to make fertilizer.  (TRC)
  Fish silage and tepsil production technology  (TRC)
  Flavor components of dried squid.  (TRC)
  Flavouring Compositions.  (TRC)
  Fluidized bed steam gasification of rice hull  (TRC)
  Food labels: confusion, clarity and relevance  (TRC)
  Forest product technoflow: series 2 FPRDI sawdust-carbonizer and manual briquettor  (TRC)
  A Formulary Of Adhesives And Other Sealants  (TRC)
  Formulation of Glues and Other Adhesives for Home and Industrial Use  (TRC)
  Formulation of Hair Shampoo  (TRC)
  Formula components and usage guidelines  (TRC)
  Freeze drying of biological materials.  (TRC)
  High frequency gluing  (TRC)
  Fresh - dry production of coconut oil  (TRC)
  Fruit processing.  (TRC)
  FSR-444 detailed project profile on reclamation of used engine oils  (TRC)
  Fuel alcohol: answers to common questions  (TRC)
  Fuel alcohol production: a selective survey of operating systems  (TRC)
  Fungistatic and material degradation reduction potentials of allium sativum L. in various paste media  (STII)
  Future hazards from pesticide use  (TRC)
  Galbanum  (TRC)
  Gasification of rice hulls: theory & praxis  (TRC)
  Gasification And Pyrolytic Conversion Of Agricultural And Forestry Wastes  (TRC)
  Gasification of rice hulls  (TRC)
  Gassification of rice hulls  (TRC)
  Gelatin: An Overview of the World Market with Special Reference to the Potential for Developing Countries  (TRC)
  A General Introduction To Biomass Gasification  (TRC)
  All about glass  (TRC)
  Glass blowing  (TRC)
  Glass blowing  (TRC)
  Glass casting and mold-making: glass fusing book three  (TRC)
  Glass cleaning composition  (TRC)
  Glass etching and sand blasting  (TRC)
  Glass fusing  (TRC)
  Glassware manufacture for developing countries  (TRC)
  How to make good quality charcoal  (TRC)
  Gas producers technology for rural applications  (TRC)
  Gas producers technology for rural applications  (TRC)
  Granitogres  (TRC)
  Green charcoal  (TRC)
  Green Fuel : Potential Feedstock For Gasifier  (TRC)
  Guidelines for the safe handling of pesticides during their formulation, packing, storage and transport  (TRC)
  Gumawa ng bukod tanging dupion mula sa patapong kukun. (*A)  (TRC)
  Gums, resins and latexes of plant origin  (TRC)
  Hair and skin care products  (TRC)
  Hair care composition  (TRC)
  Handbook of biomass conversion technology for developing countries  (TRC)
  Handbook of chemical lasers  (STII)
   Handbook of chemical substitutes : a handbook of substitutes for chemicals and other commercial products including a plan for making a proper choice  (TRC)
  Handbook of fillers and reinforcements for plastics  (STII)
  Handbook of plastics and elastomers  (STII)
  Handbook of polyester molding compounds and molding technology  (STII)
  Handling of coconut water and clarification of coco-vinegar for small-scale production  (TRC)
  Herbal and bath soap  (TRC)
  Herbicidal potential of hagonoy "Chromolaena odorata Linn" leaf extract and lachate  (STII)
  Home made wines and drinks  (TRC)
  Home preservation of mangoes and papayas.  (TRC)
  Homemade floorwax  (TRC)
  Hot dip lead alloy coating of steel  (TRC)
  Household Products  (TRC)
  Hydrous ethanol from pineapple peelings as potential substitute for gasoline  (STII)
  An hydrucus aerosol foam.  (TRC)
  Improved Bleaching Composition  (TRC)
  Improved brineless portable ice plant  (TRC)
  Improved Charcoal Making  (TRC)
  Improved Citrus Flavored Beverage in Polyethylene Containers  (TRC)
  Improved Citrus Flavored Beverage in Polyethylene Containers.  (TRC)
  Improved Process for the Manufacture of Beer and the like.  (TRC)
  Improved toilet soap.  (TRC)
  Improvements relating to detergents.  (TRC)
  Industrial and preventive maintenance chemicals  (TRC)
  Inhibitory effect of palm oil on cancer progression  (TRC)
  Insecticide.  (TRC)
  Installation report: evaluation of asphalt additives  (TRC)
  Institutional chemicals.  (TRC)
  Integrated coconut food products.  (TRC)
  Integration of biomass harvesting and site preparation.  (TRC)
  International bottled water association: model bottled water regulation.  (TRC)
  International registry of chemicals currently being tested for toxic effects (CCTTE)  (TRC)
  Investigation of nitrate and nitrate levels in paper materials used to package fresh meat  (TRC)
  An Investigative study of duckweed in wastewater treatment  (STII)
  IPCS news  (STII)
  Ipil-Ipil seed ice cream  (STII)
  Irradiation for Food Safety and Quality  (TRC)
  Isocynurate Epoxy Hybrids: A New Class Of High Temperature Performance Systems  (TRC)
  Isophorone health and safety guide  (TRC)
  Joints, corners and stiffeners  (TRC)
  Kawayan Charcoal Briquette  (TRC)
  Lard and tallow as alternatives to paraffin in the production of commercial candle waxes  (STII)
  Laundry soap  (TRC)
  How lava enriched coco oil technology  (TRC)
  Lecture on coconut mini oil milling and refining  (TRC)
  Liquid Detergent Compositions Containing Amylolytic Enzymes.  (TRC)
  Liquid Detergent and Fabric Conditioner  (TRC)
  Liquid Soap Making  (TRC)
  Local Production of U.S.P. Grade Dextrose Cassava Starch for I.V. Fluids  (STII)
  A Long Term Solution  (TRC)
   lore of still building  (TRC)
   lore of still building  (TRC)
  The Low-Cost Titled Type Solar Dryer  (TRC)
  Low-fat, high fiber coconut flour and white oil production and utilization  (TRC)
  Lye from wood ash  (TRC)
  Lye from wood ash  (TRC)
  Making business from biomass in energy, environment, chemicals, fibers, and materials: Proceedings of the 3rd biomass conference of the Americas, Montreal Quebec, Canada, August 24-29, 1997  (TRC)
  Making potpourri, soaps & Colognes : 102 natural recipes  (TRC)
  Making and using a solar wax melter  (TRC)
  Making vinegar at home  (TRC)
  Making vinegar at home.  (TRC)
  Making your own make up  (TRC)
  Manual on paints and coating  (TRC)
  Manual on paints and coatings: architectural paint  (TRC)
  Manual for construction and operation of drum kilns for charcoaling coconut shells  (TRC)
  Manufacture of beauty products  (TRC)
  Manufacture of decorative candles.  (TRC)
  Manufacture of Multicolored Detergent Bars  (TRC)
  How to Manufacture Soap  (TRC)
  Manufacture of waxes & polishes  (TRC)
  Manufacturing Principles of Polishes.  (TRC)
  Mechanical Performance and Multiphase Resin Systems Under A Constrained Stress State  (TRC)
  Mechanical recycling of plastics: environmental performance and economies  (TRC)
   methane fermentation : a discussion paper  (TRC)
  Methanol production  (TRC)
  Methanol Production  (TRC)
  Method and Apparatus for Dehydration.  (TRC)
  Method of making decolorizing carbons  (TRC)
Method Of Preparing Improved Sour Milk Beverage
  Method for producing lactic acid bacteria-containing beverages.  (TRC)
  Method of Pulping Bagasse.  (TRC)
  Mettalic coating processes other than plating  (TRC)
  Mild Liquid Detergent Compositions.  (TRC)
  Mild Thickened Shampoo Composition with Conditioning Properties.  (TRC)
  Mini Oil Mill  (TRC)
  Mineral spring water maker  (TRC)
  Mini-ice plant technology delivery operation plan  (TRC)
   mini-ice plant project  (TRC)
  Modelling And Simulation Of An Updraft Making Bed Gasifier Using Rice Husk As A Fuel Material  (TRC)
  Modern detergents and soaps industry  (TRC)
  Modern Household Cleaner  (TRC)
  Modern household cleaner  (TRC)
  Modern plastics encyclopedia handbook  (TRC)
  Modified almaciga resin for paint manufacture.  (TRC)
  Moringa oil  (TRC)
  Mouthwash.  (TRC)
  Multi-fuel Gasifier.  (TRC)
  Nata de coco production: biosafety and waste management  (TRC)
  Nata de coco-reinforced styrofoam as tiles  (STII)
  How to make and use natural cosmetics with honey  (TRC)
  Neem oil production  (TRC)
  Non-Antimicrobial Deodorant Cleansing Composition  (TRC)
  Nonmetallic coating process  (TRC)
  Non -Tracking High-Temp Solar Collector For Refrigeration Applications  (TRC)
  OECD guidelines for the testing of chemicals  (TRC)
  Oil components in cosmetics. Attempts to determine experimentally their value for practical application/Lecture held on 8th May, 1970, Gotingen  (TRC)
  Oil-fired cylindrical kiln.  (TRC)
  Olive oil  (TRC)
  Overall quality and sensory acceptance of a lysine - fortified fish sauce  (TRC)
  Packaging material from corn husks and feathers  (STII)
  Paggawa ng Sabon Mula sa Halamang-Gamot na Akapulko, Bayabas, Kakawate at Kalatsutsi  (TRC)
  Paggawa ng Biogas Digester  (TRC)
  Paggawa ng dishwashing liquid  (TRC)
  Paggawa ng dishwashing liquid/fabric softener  (TRC)
  Paggawa ng mabangong kandila  (TRC)
  Paggawa ng sabon  (TRC)
   paggawa ng uling mula sa bao ng niyog  (TRC)
  Pag-uuling at pagkikimpil ng uling  (TRC)
  Paint coating  (TRC)
  Paint coating  (TRC)
  Use of Palm stearim in Soaps  (TRC)
  Pears produce premium sparkling wine  (TRC)
  Pectolytic enzymes in producing mango juice  (TRC)
  Performance characteristics of a hydrogen fuelled s.i. engine using times manifold injection.  (TRC)
  Performance of a Pilot Scale Fluidized Bed Gasifier Fueled by Rice Husks  (TRC)
  Perfume and colognes  (TRC)
  Perfumes, cosmetics & soaps Vol. II  (TRC)
  Perfumes, cosmetics and soaps : with special reference to synthetics  (TRC)
  Perfumes, cosmetics and soaps  (TRC)
  Perfumes, cosmetics and soaps  (TRC)
  Perfumes, cosmetics & soaps Vol.I  (TRC)
  Perfumes, flavours and essential oils  (TRC)
  Pest Control Composition and Method of Use Thereof.  (TRC)
  Philippine essential oils for perfumery and flavorings.  (TRC)
  PHILSA standard specification for aerosol deodorant indoor and outdoor  (TRC)
  Pilot Rice Oil Refinery Plant in the Phil.  (TRC)
  Plant requirements for manufacture of pharmaceutical glass.  (TRC)
  Plastic Detergents and Method of Making Same.  (TRC)
  Plastic packaging: the future of PET  (TRC)
  Plasticizers  (TRC)
  Plastics.  (TRC)
  Plastics recycling : beyond beverage bottles  (TRC)
  Plywood Adhesives From Bark Tannins  (TRC)
  Potassium nitrate from sinaw - sinaw peperomia pellucida (L) HBK  (TRC)
  Potency of orange peel as a mosquito fumigant  (TRC)
   preparation and gasification of carbonated lime coal briquettes  (TRC)
   The preparation of soap  (TRC)
  The preparation of powdered carrot juice (Daucus carota)  (STII)
  How to Prepare Pararennet (Milk Coagulant from Fresh Abomasum)  (TRC)
  Present Application and Future Prospects for Ceramic Membrane Technology  (TRC)
  Pressure sensitive adhesives: citations from the engineering index database  (TRC)
  Preventive And Maintenance Chemicals  (TRC)
  Primer on laundry and dry cleaning plant layout and design  (TRC)
  Principles and methods for the risk assessment of chemicals in food.  (TRC)
  Principles and construction details of a farm -sized vacuum still  (TRC)
  Principles of oil extraction  (TRC)
  Printing And Writing Paper From Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) Straw  (TRC)
  Proceedings: apparel care and the environment alternative technologies and labeling  (TRC)
  Proceedings of consultative workshop on industrial Chemical Research 1993  (TRC)
  Process and Apparatus for Spray Drying Multi-colored Detergent Particles.  (TRC)
  Process for Bleaching Naturally Occuring Oils and Fats.  (TRC)
  Process for Bleaching Textiles and for Combating Micro-organisms.  (TRC)
  Process for bleaching textiles and for combating micro-organisms.  (TRC)
  Process for the delignification and bleaching of chemical or semi-chemical bagcose pulp.  (TRC)
  Process equipment series volume 1 - Solids separation abd mixing  (TRC)
  Process equipment series volume 1 - Solids separation abd mixing  (TRC)
  Process for Extracting Oil, Protein and Flour from Fresh Coconut Meat  (TRC)
  Process for the Manufacture of Cheese  (TRC)
  Process of Manufacturing Soaps from Oil Emulsions, Particularly Coconut Milk  (TRC)
  Process of Manufacturing Soaps from Oil Emulsions,Particularly Coconut Milk.  (TRC)
  Process for obtaining corn oil from corn germs.  (TRC)
  Process optimization and crop varietal studies for ethanol production from sugarcane and sweet sorghum  (TRC)
  Process for preparing the alcohol.  (TRC)
  Process for Preparing Carbonated Liquids.  (TRC)
  Process for preparing protein beverages.  (TRC)
  Process for producing oxygen  (TRC)
  Process for producing oxygen  (TRC)
  Process for producing oxygen  (TRC)
  Process for the Production of an Edible Material from Fruit.  (TRC)
  Process for the Production of Low-Calorie Alcoholic Beverages  (TRC)
  Processing energy wood  (TRC)
  Processing food products through Osmosol technology using  (TRC)
  Processing and packaging of heat preserved foods.  (TRC)
  Processing squalene.  (TRC)
  Producer Gas fuelling of a 20 kw output engine by gasification of solid biomass  (TRC)
  Producers forced to rethink strategies for supply  (TRC)
  Production of amorphous silica from rice husk in a vertical furnace  (TRC)
  Production of DENR charcoal briquettes from agroforestry wastes  (TRC)
  Production of DENR charcoal briquettes from forest wastes  (TRC)
  The production of biodegradable plastic from the casein of cow's milk  (STII)
  Production of Silica Gel Desiccant from CMD-Processed Rice Husk Ash  (STII)
  Production,chemistry,and commercial applications of various chemicals from castor oil.  (TRC)
  Production of Particles for Incorporation of Dentifrices.  (TRC)
  Production of petroleum ufel substitutes by catalytic cracking of coconut oil  (TRC)
  Production and use of sugar cane for energy.  (TRC)
  Program guide to use oil recycling  (TRC)
  Project study for the manufacture and marketing of bath soap on a pilot plant scale.  (TRC)
  Properties of cosmetics must be demonstrated  (TRC)
  Pros and cons of non-fluorocarbon refrigerants  (TRC)
  Protective effect of coconut oil against E. Coli Endotoxin shock in rats  (TRC)
  Pulp bleaching with oxygen  (TRC)
  Pulp and paper  (STII)
  Pulp and paper  (STII)
   purification of biogas  (TRC)
  Q & A on labeling  (TRC)
  Q & A on packaging  (TRC)
  Quality Management for Chemical Safety Testing  (TRC)
  "Liquid epoxy systems for microelectronic Applications"  (TRC)
   rapid composting method  (TRC)
  Reactive dyeing  (TRC)
   Real Needs Of The Epoxy Formulator  (TRC)
  Reclamation and reprocessing of spent solvents  (TRC)
  Recycle rice straw into handmade paper.  (TRC)
  Recycling Means Business  (TRC)
  Recycling waste paper.  (TRC)
  Reduction of biomass moisture by crushing/splitting: a concept  (TRC)
  Reduction of biomass moisture by crushing/splitting: a concept.  (TRC)
  Refining directly liquefied biomass to transportation fuels.  (TRC)
  Refractories for coal gasification and combustion system  (TRC)
  Refractories for coal gasification and combustion system  (TRC)
  Refractory Lining of Coal Gasifier.  (TRC)
  Refrigeration options for small boat fishermen  (TRC)
  Removal of suspended solids from seafood processing wastewaters.  (TRC)
  Resin Systems And Application For Resin Transfer Molding  (TRC)
  Rice hull gasifier  (TRC)
  Rice husks into logs  (TRC)
  Safe handling and applications of agro-pesticides: a safety guide for pesticide retail distributors and shopkeepers  (TRC)
  Safflower Products: Utilization and markets  (TRC)
  The sago starch industry:a technical profile based on a preliminary study in Sarawak.  (TRC)
  Salt-free pickles  (TRC)
  Saponin from the fruits of duranta repens linn as an antibacterial agent to staphylococcus aureus  (STII)
  Sarcosinate shampoo.  (TRC)
  Seafood processing wastes as fish meal substitute in pelleted catfish feeds.  (TRC)
  Seasoning Compound and Method of Preparing Thereof.  (TRC)
  Secrets of candle dipping  (TRC)
  Secrets of candle dipping  (TRC)
  Selective plating  (TRC)
   shadowless lamp  (TRC)
  Shea butter  (TRC)
  Shea butter production in Ghana  (TRC)
  Silicone modifiers spread reach in FR polymer systems  (TRC)
  Silkscreen techniques  (TRC)
  A simple Method of Collectiong and Drying Papaya Latex to produce crude Papain  (TRC)
  Simple methods of candle manufacture.  (TRC)
  Slip and flow additives  (TRC)
  Small-Scale Oil Extraction From Groundnuts & Copra : UNIDO/ILO Technical Memorandum No.4  (TRC)
  Small-scale procesing of microbial pesticides  (TRC)
  Small-scale soapmaking: A handbook  (TRC)
  Small-scale rice hull gas producer-gasoline engine.  (TRC)
  Small-scale fruit juice processing  (TRC)
  Small-Scale Oil Extraction From Groundnuts & Copra : UNIDO/ILO Technical Memorandum No.4  (TRC)
  Small-scale oil milling, oil refining and copra making  (TRC)
  Small-scale oilseed processing  (TRC)
  Small-scale oilseed processing: value-added & processing  (TRC)
  Small-scale soapmaking: A handbook  (TRC)
  Small Scale Manufacture Of Burned Building Brick  (TRC)
   Small Scale Manufacture of Soluble Coffee  (TRC)
  Snap Cured Epoxy Adhesives For Automated Assembly Processes  (TRC)
  Soap making  (TRC)
  Soap Making and other household Cleaners  (TRC)
  Soap making by the cold process from crude coconut oil.  (TRC)
  Soap Making and Other Household Cleaners  (TRC)
  Soap making technology (modern & updated)  (TRC)
  Soap manufacturing mini plant operation  (TRC)
   to make soap from scratch  (TRC)
  Soapmaking  (TRC)
  Soapmaking from coconut oil by cold process  (TRC)
  Soapmaking from coconut oil by cold process  (TRC)
  Soaps & detergents : manufacturing technology guide no. 10  (TRC)
  Soaps and detergents  (TRC)
  Sodium Alginates  (TRC)
  Soil additive and process for making.  (TRC)
  Solar heating for tea processing: case study  (TRC)
  Solar water disinfection:proceedings of a workshop held at the Brace Research Institute, Montreal, Que, Canada  (TRC)
   solid composition for killing mosquitoes.  (TRC)
  Sovermol raw materials for polyurethane manufacture  (TRC)
  Soymilk  (TRC)
  Specially cocoa beans - a market to watch carefully  (TRC)
  Spoilage of UHT-treated chocolate milk by thermoduric bacteria  (TRC)
  Spotlight small-scale fermentation  (TRC)
  Stable Dental Cream.  (TRC)
  Starch extraction: a check list of commercially available machinery  (TRC)
  Stain removal.  (TRC)
  Stain Removal.  (TRC)
  Stain Removing Composition.  (TRC)
  Stain Removing Composition.  (TRC)
  Stain Removing Composition.  (TRC)
  Status report: energy from biomass - direct and reduced combustion  (TRC)
  One step EMI shielding possible in thermoforming  (TRC)
  First steps in winemaking  (TRC)
  Storage: food cycle technology sourcebook no. 8  (TRC)
  Studies of clay found in Sta. Maria, Isabela  (STII)
  A Study To Develop New Products From Whiting Or Other Underutilized Species  (TRC)
  A Study of Producer Gas Cleaning System  (TRC)
  Styrene and Polystyrene - Their manufacture and use  (TRC)
  Sud's law  (TRC)
  Sugarcane wine production: a home business.  (TRC)
  Supercritical fluid, procesing of cosmetic raw materials.  (TRC)
  Sustainable livelihood options for the Philippines an information kit (Booklet 1: Upland ecosystem): Making paper from abaca  (TRC)
  Sustainable livelihood options for the Philippines an information kit (Booklet 2: urban-lowland ecosystem): BIOGAS PRODUCTION FROM URBAN WASTES  (TRC)
  Sustainable livelihood options for the Philippines an information kit (Booklet 2: Urban-lowland ecosystem): dried plant parts for decor and potpourri  (TRC)
  Sustainable livelihood options for the Philippines an information kit (Booklet 2: urban-lowland ecosystem): MAKING COMBUSTIBLE BRIQUETTES  (TRC)
  Sustainable livelihood options for the Philippines an information kit (Booklet 2: urban-lowland ecosystem): PAPER MACHE PRODUCTION  (TRC)
  Sustainable livelihood options for the Philippines an information kit (Booklet 2: urban-lowland ecosystem): SOAP MAKING  (TRC)
  Sustainable livelihood options for the Philippines an information kit (Booklet 3: coastal ecosystem): salt production  (TRC)
  Sustainable livelihood options for the Philippines and information kit: (Booklet 1: upland ecosystem): Coconut wine making  (TRC)
  Sweet Sorghum: A Potential Alternative Raw Materials for Ethanol Production  (TRC)
  Synergism in cellulose system.  (TRC)
  Technology without fluorocarbons: what is available  (TRC)
  Tech-profile on essential oils  (TRC)
  Textile Printing Apparatus.  (TRC)
  Thallinim And Thallium Compounds : Health And Safety Guide  (TRC)
  Thermal properties of surimi analyzed using DSC  (TRC)
  Thermal spraying: practice, theory and applications  (TRC)
  Thermalspraying: Practice, Theory and Application  (TRC)
  Thickened liquid bleach.  (TRC)
  Thickened Liquid Bleach.  (TRC)
  Thixotropy and thickening agents  (TRC)
  Three-pronged approach to a successful cocoa grinding operation in Singapore  (TRC)
  Tie-dying of fabrics.  (TRC)
   Tiny Oil Mill: Proceedings of a Sub-regional Workshop on Small Scale Oil Expression  (TRC)
  Tokwa  (TRC)
  Toxic substance alert: chlorine  (TRC)
  Transparent Soap and Process of Manufacture  (TRC)
  Tri-Allate Health and Safety Guide  (TRC)
  Turkish Rose Oil  (TRC)
  Understanding batteries  (TRC)
  Understanding clay recognition and processing.  (TRC)
  Understanding clay recognition and processing  (TRC)
  Understanding ethanol fuel production and use  (TRC)
  Understanding pressure extraction of vegetable oils  (TRC)
  Understanding solvent extraction of vegetable oils  (TRC)
  Understanding water supply and treatment for individual and small community systems.  (TRC)
  Understanding wood waste as fuel.  (TRC)
  Urea trested rice straw technology  (TRC)
  Used Oil Refining  (TRC)
  Used Oil Refining Technology (Title Provided By Cataloger)  (TRC)
  Useless corncobs good for charcoal  (TRC)
   utilization of biogas fermentation residue-sludge and effluent  (TRC)
  Utilization of nickel refining by-products on agricultural lands  (TRC)
  Utilization of cassava solid waste and rice bran tempe inoculum production  (TRC)
  Utilization of giant ipil-ipil (Leucaena leucocephala (Lam) de wit) seed flour as plywood glue extender  (TRC)
  Utilization of nickel refining by-products on agricultural lands  (TRC)
  Utilization Of Overripe Bananas For Vinegar Production  (TRC)
  Utilization of used oil  (TRC)
   vegetable oils and fats industry in developing countries: outlook and perpectives  (TRC)
  Vegetables dyeing : 151 color recipes for dyeing yarns and fabrics with natural materials  (TRC)
  The Viable Biogas System To Process Livestock Farm Wastes  (TRC)
  Village scale oil processing: review of the current state of screw expellers and strategies of its upgrading  (TRC)
  Vinyl Chloride: Health & Safety Guide  (TRC)
  Virgin Coconut Oil  (TRC)
  Virgin Coconut Oil: State of the Art  (TRC)
  Virgin Coconut Oil  (TRC)
  Virgin coconut oil (a compilation)  (TRC)
  So You Want to Build a Chlor-Alkali Plant  (TRC)
  So you want to build a chlor-alkali plant?  (TRC)
  Washing agents containing Optical Brightening Agents.  (TRC)
  Washing Agents Containing Optical Brightening Agents.  (TRC)
  Waste management  (TRC)
  Water - Soluble Gums Used In Snack Foods And Cereal Products  (TRC)
  Water-based trade paint formulations  (TRC)
  Water filter candles  (TRC)
  Waterpoxy  (TRC)
  Wax Emulsion Containing Pentachlorophenol as aBiocide.  (TRC)
  Waxes and polishes  (TRC)
  Ways to use essential oils  (TRC)
  Wetting and dispersing agents aqueous sytems  (TRC)
  White Spirit (Stoddard Solvent) Health And Safety Guide  (TRC)
  Woodwork for winemakers  (TRC)
  Woodwork for winemakers  (TRC)
  Wood and Charcoal briquetting in Malaysia  (TRC)
  World conference & exhibition on lauric oils: sources, processing and applications  (TRC)
  Zinc + compounds: scientific reviews of Soviet literature on toxicity & hazards of chemicals - 94  (TRC)
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