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There are 880 available Holdings based on PLANT CULTURE
  12 Hakbang Sa Pagpapalay (Para Sa Lipat-Tanim At May Patubig)
  12 Steps In Rice Production  (TRC)
  2003 tobacco production manual: bright air cured (burley)  (TRC)
  <2003> tobacco production manual: dark air cured  (TRC)
  <2003> Tobacco production manual: flue cured (Virginia)  (TRC)
  40 Kg. Sertipikadong Binhi sa Bawat Ektarya  (TRC)
  Abaca  (TRC)
  Abaca fact sheet  (TRC)
   Abaca Industry Integrated Program (AIIP) of Region VIII  (TRC)
  Abaka  (TRC)
  Achuete (bixa orellana, linn)  (TRC)
  Advances and challenges in hybrid rice technology in the Philippines:Proceedings of the first national workshop for strengthening national capacity for hybrid rice development and use, August 5-6, 1998  (TRC)
  African daisy  (TRC)
  African oil palm and bunga  (TRC)
  Agmula iti bawang  (TRC)
  Agmula Ti Kabatiti (Patola)  (TRC)
  Agmula ti Kamatis  (TRC)
  Agpatanortayo ti mangga  (STII)
  Agro-Waste for Cultivation of Edible Mushrooms in Taiwan  (TRC)
  Agrodok 40: Small-Scale Mushroom Cultivation  (TRC)
  Agrodok 9: The Vegetable Garden In The Tropics  (TRC)
  Algae : filamentous algae  (TRC)
  Algae:muskgrass  (TRC)
  Almaciga resin.  (TRC)
  Alternative controls for white molds on Soybeans  (TRC)
  The ancient art of bonsai  (TRC)
   Ang gabay sa pagtatanim ng niyog sa bakuran  (TRC)
  Ang Pamamaraang Bayolohikal sa Pagsugpo ng Natutubang Punla (Damping-Off) ng Gulay Gamit ang Trichoderma  (TRC)
  Ang primer sang mangungoma sa pagtanom sang humay(International Rice Research Institute)  (TRC)
  Ang talamdan sa pagtannum sa humay  (TRC)
  Anise  (TRC)
  Anthurium for cutflower production  (TRC)
  An Application of rural Landscape Information system for Assessment of Alien Plant Species In Paddy Landscape in Japan  (TRC)
  Approaches To The Problem On Pesticide Residues In Crops & Soils In Japan  (TRC)
  Aquatic plants - another world  (TRC)
  Aquatic Weed Management Control Methods  (TRC)
  Area-Wide Control of the Oriental Fruit Fly & Melon Fly in Taiwan  (TRC)
  Arkansas Cotton production with differing herbecides and band widths  (TRC)
   art of growing orchids  (TRC)
  Asha And Namnama Peanut Confectionery Varieties  (TRC)
  ASHA PEANUT: The Seeds of Hope for Higher Yield & Income  (TRC)
  Asparagus  (TRC)
  Asparagus  (TRC)
  Asparagus: export manual tropical fruits and vegetables  (TRC)
  Avocado care in the home orchard  (TRC)
  Avocado Production  (TRC)
   AVRDC non-circulating hydroponic system  (TRC)
  Azolla: a bio-fertilizer source for lowland rice  (TRC)
  Azolla: new hope for farmers in the fertilizer pinch.  (TRC)
  Bacillus thuringiensis (BT) rice: benefits and challenges  (TRC)
  Baby corn production  (TRC)
  Bacterial and mould spoilage in Coconut  (TRC)
  Bamboo  (TRC)
  Bamboo  (TRC)
  Bamboo*  (TRC)
  Bamboo (Kawayan Technology)  (TRC)
  Bamboo As Landscape Ornamentals  (TRC)
  A Bamboo Nursery Can Be Profitable  (TRC)
  Bamboo production: its reproduction and livelihood  (TRC)
  Bamboo production: its reproduction and livelihood potential  (TRC)
  Bamboo propagation by seeds  (TRC)
  Bamboos: 1. Properties and Utlization of Phil. Erect Bamboos -- 2. Some Characteristics and Properties of Giant BAmboo -- 3. Treatment of Kawayan-tinik (Bambusa blumeana Blume ex schultes) clumps for sustained yield  (TRC)
  Banana production  (TRC)
  Banana Culture  (TRC)
  Banana homogenate, coconut water, peptone & auxins as nutrient supplements in the in vitro culture of dendrobium & phalaenopois ovules  (TRC)
  Banana (Lacatan) Production  (TRC)
  Banana propagation by shoot culture  (TRC)
  Banana Virus Indexing Technology and Disease Management  (TRC)
  Basic procedures for mushroom growing  (TRC)
  Basket composting cum mushroom production (BCMP)  (TRC)
  A Beginner's sourcebook on Philippine rattan  (TRC)
  A Beginner's Sourcebook On Philippine Rattan  (TRC)
  The Benefits of Mushroom Farming  (TRC)
  Bergamot  (TRC)
  Best Management Practices For The Home Part 2: Home Gardening
  Best Management Practices For The Home Part I: Lawn And Turf
  Bioavailability and Safety Issues of Heavy Metals in Paddy Soil-Rice Continuum in Korea  (TRC)
  Bio-intensive gardening: the alternative to conventional external input-based gardening  (TRC)
  Biological control of water hyacinth: weevils Neo chetina bruchi and n.eichhorniae: biologies, host ranges, and rearing, releasing and monitoring techniquesfor biological control of Eichhornia crassipes  (TRC)
  Bitter melon  (TRC)
  Bittergourd: Ampalaya Production Guide  (TRC)
  Blackpepper  (TRC)
  Blackpepper growing  (TRC)
   blooming orchid trade offers more wages than money  (TRC)
  Bonsai  (TRC)
  Breeding of Paddy Rice Varieties for Animal Feed in Warm Regions of Japan  (TRC)
  Breeding improvement of rubber yield in guayule  (TRC)
  Broccoli production  (TRC)
  Bugtok disease  (TRC)
  May Buhay Sa Malunggay  (TRC)
  Build Your Own Greenhouse  (TRC)
  Buntal Fiber  (TRC)
  Buntal fiber, jute, kenaf, maguey  (TRC)
  You can grow tainga ng daga  (TRC)
  You can produce up to 60 tons of onion per hectares  (TRC)
  Cacao  (TRC)
  California rare fruit growers yearbook  (TRC)
  Cashew Nut Kernels  (TRC)
  Cashew Nuts  (TRC)
  Castor beans  (TRC)
  Castor beans  (TRC)
  Castor Beans  (TRC)
   castor bean and castor oil industry  (TRC)
  Castore bean: its botany and culture  (TRC)
  Catalog of noteworthy vegetables and fruits in the Philippines.  (TRC)
  Cauliflower production  (TRC)
  Celery production  (TRC)
  Cereal grain drying at village level using solar dryers.  (TRC)
  You can grow asparagus.  (TRC)
  You Can Grow Cattleya  (TRC)
  Characteristics of 27 materials  (TRC)
  Cheap Yet Effective Control of Club Root Disease of Cabbage  (TRC)
  Chico  (TRC)
  Chris Ahrens' greenhouse.  (TRC)
  Citronilla oil production in Leyte  (TRC)
  Citrus  (TRC)
  Citrus culture  (TRC)
  Citrus pest and disease control in the home ochard  (TRC)
  Citrus Production and Management  (TRC)
  Citrus Production: A Manual For Asian Farmers  (TRC)
  Cloves  (TRC)
  Coconut  (TRC)
  Coconut Farm Establishment & Development In Western Visayas  (TRC)
  Coconut oil - a CVD risk?  (TRC)
  Coffee: FAO better farming series 1977 ed.  (TRC)
  Coffee Production Kit  (TRC)
  Coffee production.  (TRC)
  Coffee Rejuvenation  (TRC)
  Collection, characterization, identification, selection, evaluation and maintenance of spice crops with market potential from local and foreign services.  (TRC)
  Commercial production of sweet potatoes for flour and feeds  (TRC)
  Common method of propagating fruit plant.  (TRC)
  Composition of coriander leaf volatiles  (TRC)
  Container plants you can grow  (TRC)
  Continuous Rice Production System - The Rice Garden: A Handbook For Rice Production Specialists  (TRC)
  Controlled irrigation: a water-saving technique for transplanted rice  (TRC)
  Copper for growth and protection.  (TRC)
  Copra quality improvement and coconut timber utilization: Technology Updates  (TRC)
  CORD International journal on coconut research and development vol 26 no. 1, 2010  (TRC)
  Coriander Seed  (TRC)
  Corn Postharvest Handbook  (TRC)
  Corn Production Kit  (TRC)
  Corn production in the Philippines  (TRC)
  Costs and returns of ampalaya production  (TRC)
  Cowpea  (TRC)
  CropCare  (STII)
  Cucumber  (TRC)
  Cucumber Production  (TRC)
  How To Cultivate Shiitake Mushroom  (TRC)
  Cultivated mushrooms  (TRC)
  Cultivation Of Oyster Mushrooms (Pleurotus spp.) - PH  (TRC)
  Cultivation of tainga ng daga  (TRC)
  Cultural Recommendations for New High Yielding VMC Varieties  (TRC)
   culture and management of peanut.  (TRC)
  Culture of wrapper tobacco  (TRC)
  Cumin  (TRC)
  Current Status & Development of Plant Pest Information Management System in Taiwan  (TRC)
  Current Status of the Asian-Pacific Alien Species database (APASD) and Its International Network  (TRC)
  Cutflower Industry  (TRC)
  Cutflowers: marketing systems in major production & demand areas of the Phil. - executive summary  (TRC)
  Determining the sex of papaya for improved production  (TRC)
  Development And Characterization Of Blast Resistance Using Differential Varieties In Rice  (TRC)
  Development of orchid cutflower production in Thailand  (TRC)
  Development of packages from woven indigenous materials (Tikiw and Balanggot)  (TRC)
  Diseases Of Home Garden Tomatoes  (TRC)
  Diversifying The Uses Of Malunggay  (TRC)
  Dreaming of roses  (TRC)
  Drought Resistant Species  (TRC)
  Easy methods of growing vegetables  (TRC)
  Easy multiplication exercises  (TRC)
  Ecological Characteristics of Three Invasive Plants  (TRC)
  Economic of greenhouse tomato production in the Southeast  (TRC)
  Ecosystematic attributes of legumes  (TRC)
  Effect of heat treatment on the quality of onions during long term tropical storage  (TRC)
  Effect of postharvest treatments on anthracnose and stem-end rot of mangoes stored in air or modified atmosphere.  (TRC)
  The effect of varying amounts of nitrogen upon the yield of pechay  (STII)
  Effects of overhead electric transmission lines on cost of production of field crops grown in the Mississippi River Delta of Eastern Arkansas  (TRC)
  Eggplant  (TRC)
  Eggplant  (TRC)
  Embryo Cultured Makapuno (Coconut)  (TRC)
   Encyclopedia of easy-care plants.  (TRC)
   encyclopedia of plants for the greenhouse.  (TRC)
   encyclopedia of cacti and succulents.  (TRC)
   Encyclopedia of outdoor and indoor vines.  (TRC)
   Encyclopedia of plants for light gardens.  (TRC)
   Encyclopedia of rock,water,and bog plants.  (TRC)
  Energy from paddy husk - an overview  (TRC)
  Engineered bamboo  (TRC)
  Environmental Requirement and Management of Some Important Forage Species in the Philippines  (TRC)
  Epiphytes Seaweeds  (TRC)
  Establishment and mangement of orchards  (TRC)
  Establishmnet and utilization of cover crops in reforestration areas.  (TRC)
  Estimation of the Process Invaded by Accidentally Introduced Strains of Abutilon Theophrasti Into Japan  (TRC)
  Estimated Costs and Returns of Production of fresh Vegetables for 2001 (As of June 2001)  (TRC)
   evaluation for rice post harvest technology.  (TRC)
  Evergreens (The Time-Life encyclopedia of gardening)  (TRC)
  Experiences in benzoin resin production in Sumatra, Indonesia  (TRC)
  Exporting Fruit From Low Fruit Fly Prevalence Zone with a Multiple Mitigation Systems Approach  (TRC)
  Facing the Challenge of Soybean Rust in South America  (TRC)
  Farm practices that alleviate the impact of drought on sugarcane  (TRC)
  Farmers embrace a creeper  (TRC)
  A Farmer's Primer On Growing Soybean On Rice Land  (TRC)
  Farming update  (TRC)
  Farmscaping  (TRC)
  Feasibility study on rice husk pyrolysis technology for rice mill application in Thailand  (TRC)
  Ferns (The Time-Life encyclopedia of gardening)  (TRC)
   ferrumbu  (TRC)
  Fertility Management of the Soil-Rhilosphere System for Efficient Fertilizer Use in Vegetable Production  (TRC)
  Fertilizer, soil improve and weed barier - all in one.  (TRC)
  Fertilizer application and growth of phyllostachys pubescens  (TRC)
  Fertilizer application and growth of phyllostachys pubescens  (TRC)
  Fertilizer application and need control technology for rice in a resource-scarce Philippine farmers situation  (TRC)
  Fertilizing for High Yield and Quality: Cereals  (TRC)
  Fibre Plants: Plant Resources of South-East-Asia #17  (TRC)
  Field experiments with forages and crops: practical tips for getting it right the first time  (TRC)
  Field planting of tissue cultured bananas  (TRC)
   fine art of creating new plants  (TRC)
  Fish - tail fern production  (TRC)
  Five FamilIar Bonsai Styles  (TRC)
  Five familiar bonsai styles  (TRC)
  Floating Vegetation: White Water Lily  (TRC)
  Floating vegetation: while water lily  (TRC)
  Floral malformation, yield and fruit quality of mango in relation to ethylene  (TRC)
  Flowering in orchids  (TRC)
  Foggine makes economic sense.  (TRC)
  Food Cure  (TRC)
  Food post-harvest manual:cerals.  (TRC)
  Food Safety in your Home Vegetable Garden  (TRC)
  Forage extension manual  (TRC)
  Forest Products Technoflow - Utilization waste heat for tobacco curing  (TRC)
  Fresh fruit - Saba and Cardava bananas  (TRC)
  Fruit Fly Eradication Project in Guimaras Island  (TRC)
  Fruit Fly Eradication projects in Guimaras Island  (TRC)
  Fruit crops  (TRC)
  Fungal diseases of bamboo : a preliminary & provisional list  (TRC)
  Gabay sa Produksyon ng Mais  (TRC)
  Gabay sa produksiyon ng sinta papaya  (STII)
  Gabay sa Negosyo - Pagpapalago ng Dapo  (TRC)
  Gabay sa Pagpapasibol ng Kabute sa Dayami  (TRC)
  Gabay Sa Pagpapasibol Ng Kabute Sa Saging  (TRC)
  Gabay sa pagtatanim  (TRC)
  Gabay sa pagtatanim ng upo at patola sa mga sakahan na natabunan ng abo ng Mt. Pinatubo.  (TRC)
  Gabi: priority export commodities series, product and industry profile no. 37  (TRC)
  No garbage: composting & recycling  (TRC)
  The gardener's guide to Fava beans  (TRC)
  Garlic:A profitable crop.  (TRC)
  Generation mean analysis for quantitative traits in basil (Ocimum basilicum L.)  (STII)
  Getting Flowers The Size You Want When You Want  (TRC)
  Getting flowers the size you want when you want  (TRC)
  Gladiolus  (TRC)
  Golden Rice  (TRC)
  Good Agricultural Practices in Coconut Production Gap Coconut  (TRC)
  Gossyplure-baited traps used for pink bollworm survey in Southwest desert cotton-growing areas  (TRC)
  Grafting : one plus one makes one  (TRC)
  Granaries  (TRC)
  Grape.  (TRC)
  Grape Cultivation  (TRC)
  Grapevine nutrition and fertilization in the San Joaquin Valley.  (TRC)
  Grain storage  (TRC)
  Greenhouse vegetable production  (TRC)
  Greenhouse Cucumber Production  (TRC)
  How to grow African violets  (TRC)
  How to grow african violets  (TRC)
  How to Grow Banana  (TRC)
  Grow Cacoa Profitably  (TRC)
  Grow fruit vegetable  (TRC)
  Grow fruit vegetables  (TRC)
  Grow fruit vegetables:for hobby and profit.  (TRC)
  Grow grapes  (TRC)
  How to Grow Jatropha for Biodiesel (Jatropha Curcas L.)  (TRC)
  Grow leafy vegetables  (TRC)
  How to grow mushroom.  (TRC)
  Grow Off-season Tomatoes  (TRC)
  How to grow orchids  (TRC)
  Grow papaya  (TRC)
  How to grow quality Turkish tobacco.  (TRC)
   How to grow quality turkish tobacco  (TRC)
  How to grow rattan  (TRC)
  Grow root vegetables  (TRC)
   to grow rootcrop successfully - Part III: Cassava  (TRC)
   How to grow rootcrops successfully - Part III: Yam (ubi)  (TRC)
   to grow rootcrops successfully - Part IV: Gabi  (TRC)
  Growing and collecting azolla spores/AZOLLA SILAGE AS FEED FOR GROWING PIGS  (TRC)
  Growing Black Pepper  (TRC)
   growing demand for kenaf  (TRC)
  Growing food in containers in the tropics  (TRC)
  Growing Force In Coffee  (TRC)
  Growing herbs  (TRC)
  Growing herbs for seasoning food  (TRC)
  Growing mushrooms  (TRC)
  Growing mushrooms in tropical climates  (TRC)
  Growing Mushrooms in Tropical Climates -  (TRC)
  Growing mushrooms in tropical climates  (TRC)
  Growing oats under trees for more and better fodder  (TRC)
  Growing Ornamental Bamboos  (TRC)
  Growing papayas in the Philippine.  (TRC)
  Growing papayas in the Philippines.  (TRC)
  Growing peppers in California  (TRC)
  Growing pineapple for the fresh fruit market  (TRC)
  Growing plants indoors  (TRC)
  Growing strawberries in your home garden  (TRC)
  Growing strawberries in your home garden  (TRC)
  Growing of tainga ng daga (auricularia) on sawdust.  (TRC)
  Growing trays  (TRC)
  Growing zucchini and other summer squashes  (TRC)
  Growing zucchini and other summer squashes  (TRC)
  Growth and development of Acala cotton  (TRC)
  Guayule : an alternative source of natural rubber  (TRC)
  A Guide for Growing Hybrid Corn  (TRC)
  A Guide for Growing Hybrid Corn  (TRC)
  Guide to cassava cultivation  (TRC)
  Guide to the culture of kenaf,jute and ramie.  (TRC)
   guide for growing hybrid corn  (TRC)
  Guide For Growing Hybrid Corn  (TRC)
   Guide for growing hybrid corn.  (TRC)
  Guide To Mushroom Cultivation  (TRC)
  Guide to Philippine Flora and Fauna  (TRC)
  Guide to Popular Culinary Herbs & Spices  (TRC)
  Guide to sweet potato cultivation  (TRC)
  A Guide To Textile Fibers  (TRC)
  A Guide For Vegetable Garden Teachers  (TRC)
  Guidelines and policies:National cooperative testing manual for rice  (TRC)
  Guidelines towards the certification of organic coconut farming and virgin coconut oil  (TRC)
  Handling. precooling and temperature management of cut flower crops for truck transportation.  (TRC)
  Handling, precooling, and temperature management of cutflower crops for truck transportation  (TRC)
  Harnessing the best of bamboo: S & T for people and the environment  (TRC)
  When to harvest vegetables  (TRC)
  Harvesting and utilization: methods, equipment, and costs.  (TRC)
  Harvesting and handling California table grapes for market.  (TRC)
  Harvesting and postharvest handling of high value vegetables (Asparagus, broccoli, celery, cauliflower, and baby corn)  (TRC)
  Harvesting productivity and costs of three harvesting methods  (TRC)
  Harvesting productivity and costs of three harvesting methods.  (TRC)
  Herbicides for releasing pine seedlings on the Arkansas Ozarks  (TRC)
  Herbs : for flavor, fragrance and fun  (TRC)
  Herbs Organic Greenhouse Production  (TRC)
  Herbs (Part III), Vines (Part IV) and Grasses (Part V)  (TRC)
  Herbs and Spices  (TRC)
  Home vegetable gardening.  (TRC)
  Hybrid Corn Fertilization Guide (For Visayas & Mindanao)  (TRC)
  Hybrid rice  (TRC)
  Hybrid Rice Fertilization Guide  (TRC)
  Hybrid Rice-Mestizo  (TRC)
  Hybrid Rice Production Farm Management Practices  (TRC)
  Hybrid Rice production technology  (TRC)
  Hybrid rice production technology  (TRC)
  Hybridization of orchids  (TRC)
  Hydroponic gardening  (TRC)
  Hydroponics: a guide to soilless culture system  (TRC)
  Hymenaea courbaril: the flour tree  (TRC)
  Impact of science on rice  (TRC)
  Implementing mechanism on vegetable production for the home consumption movement  (TRC)
  Important features of recommended rubusta varieties of coffee  (TRC)
  Some important findings on sericulture at the Bureau of Plant Industry  (TRC)
  Improved Cultivars of Ampalaya  (TRC)
  Improved cultivation techniques of bamboo in North China  (TRC)
  Improving sugarcane production through tissue culture and micropropagation  (TRC)
  More income by tree planting.  (TRC)
  How to increase survival of outplanted trees  (TRC)
  Indigenous vegetables  (TRC)
  Indoor gardening  (TRC)
  Influence of site and fruit position on the pulp colour and texture of bananas  (TRC)
  Influence Of Uneven Emergence Of Rice On Grain Yield, Yield Components And Milling Quality  (TRC)
  Ing libru ning manasik king tutubung pale(International Rice Research Institute)  (TRC)
  Insect control in the People's Republic of China  (TRC)
  Integrated control for corn borer.  (TRC)
  Integrated pest management for rice.  (TRC)
  Integrated pest management in rice-vegetable cropping systems  (TRC)
  Integration Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria) In Rainfed Lowland Rice - Based Cropping Sequences In Ilocos  (TRC)
  Intercropping Coconut with Mungo  (TRC)
  Intercropping coconut with papaya.  (TRC)
  Intercropping coconut with papaya.  (TRC)
  Internal Fruit Necrosis Of Mango And Its Control  (TRC)
  Introducing mushrooms.  (TRC)
  Introducing Sweet Bliss and Honey Bliss  (TRC)
  Introduction to tropical horticulture  (TRC)
  Invasive Insects: Problem and Risk Assessment  (TRC)
  Inventory and resources of bamboos  (TRC)
  Investment profile : UBI  (TRC)
  Ipil-ipil  (TRC)
  Ipil-ipil: multi-purpose tree  (TRC)
  IR36 - the most popular rice variety  (TRC)
  Irrigating deciduous orchards  (TRC)
   isolation and evaluation of two naturally occuring mild strains of vanilla necrosis potyvirus for control by cross-section  (TRC)
  Isolation and identification of spoilage microflora of seed potatoes  (TRC)
  Jackfruit.  (TRC)
  Jojoba : Feasibility for cultivation on Indian reservation in the Sonoran desert region  (TRC)
  Jojoba : feasibility for cultivation on Indian Reservations in the Sonoran Desert Region  (TRC)
  Jojoba : Feasibility for cultivation on Indian reservation in the Sonoran desert region  (TRC)
  Jojoba wild stands : natural history and use impacts  (TRC)
  Jojoba: an assessment of prospects  (TRC)
  Jojoba wild stands : natural history and use impacts  (TRC)
  Jojoba wild stands : natural history and use impacts  (TRC)
   jujube or "Chinese Date"  (TRC)
  Kabute  (TRC)
  Kamtin ang ginintuang masaganang ani - Pagpili ng naaangkop na binhi, pagtatanim ng palay, pangangasiwa sa tubig -irigasyon  (TRC)
  Kawayan Technology  (TRC)
  Keeping rodents on the run  (TRC)
  Kenaf  (TRC)
  Komersyo sa kabute  (TRC)
  La Union Technoguide: Corn Production  (TRC)
   use of lablab bean (dolichos lablab) by traditional farmers in Honduras  (TRC)
  Laboratory Propagation and Nursery Management of Jatropha Curcas Seedlings  (TRC)
  Lactic acid fermentation of banana puree  (TRC)
  Landscaping  (TRC)
  Lanzones : the holiday fruit  (TRC)
  Large scale production of improved seed and clonal materials for massive plantation programs  (TRC)
  Large scale production of improved seed and clonal materials for massive plantation programs  (TRC)
  Leaf curl and yellowing viruses of pepper & tomato : an overview  (TRC)
  Legume inoculation with rhizobia.  (TRC)
  Let us grow mushrooms  (TRC)
  Let's grow mushrooms in our backyards  (TRC)
  Leucaena - the shrub legume for cattle feed  (TRC)
  Leucaena research in the Asian-Pacific Region.  (TRC)
  Leucaena wood production and use  (TRC)
  Limang paraan sa pagtatanim ng munggo  (TRC)
  Lima bean  (TRC)
  Lima bean: Production and utilization  (TRC)
  Lingap ng pangulo sa barangay: Area III - food production part II  (TRC)
  Lost crops of the Incas: little known plants of the Andes with promise for worldwide cultivation.  (TRC)
   lovely crotons.  (TRC)
  Low Intensity Tapping Technology in Rubber  (TRC)
  La Union technoguide vegetable production  (TRC)
  Magsasama-sama sa isang hardin ng sari-saring pananim  (TRC)
  Magsasama-sama sa isang hardin ng sari-saring pananim.  (TRC)
  Magtanim ng ipil-ipil  (TRC)
  Magtanim ng Ipil-Ipil  (TRC)
  Maguey  (TRC)
  Makapuno embryo culture technology  (TRC)
  Making aquatic weeds useful  (TRC)
  Making aquatic weeds useful: Some Perspectives for developinf countries  (TRC)
  Malaking kita sa kape  (TRC)
  Malungai Moringa Oleifera  (TRC)
  Malunggay: The Super Plant  (TRC)
  Malunggay Production Guide  (TRC)
  Malunggay production guide  (STII)
  Management Alternatives for Trips on Vegetable and Flower Crops in the Field  (TRC)
  Managing and marketing California forest - grown christmas trees  (TRC)
  Managing natural pastures  (TRC)
  Mango  (TRC)
  Mango  (TRC)
  Mango  (TRC)
  Manila Mango  (TRC)
  A Manual On Azolla Technology  (TRC)
   manual on fruit trees propagation  (TRC)
  Manual on seed orchard establishment and management  (TRC)
  Manual on seed orchard establishment and management  (TRC)
  Maraming gamit ng katuray  (TRC)
  Marginalization of Maasai pastoralists in Northern Tanzania  (TRC)
  Mechanized Planting And Harvesting Of Onion  (TRC)
  Medicinal plants of the Philippines.  (TRC)
  Mensurational attributes of five Philippine erect bamboos  (TRC)
  Method of Producing Instant Soluble Ginger Powder from Raw Fresh Ginger.  (TRC)
  Method of Promoting the Flowering of Grape Vines.  (TRC)
  Mga peste at sakit ng palay  (TRC)
  Mga Katutubong gulay (indigenous vegetables)  (STII)
  Mga Bagay Na Dapat Isaalang-alang sa Pagsisimula na Hardin ng Sari-saring Pananim  (TRC)
  Mga Bagay na dapat Isaalang-alng sa Pagsisimula na Hardin ng Sarisaring Pananim  (TRC)
  Mga enot na adalan nin parauma manongod sa pagtanom nin paroy  (TRC)
  Mga Kaalaman Tungkol sa Malunggay  (TRC)
  Mga Talamdon sa pagtanom sang kamote  (TRC)
  Mini-fertilizer plant projects: sectoral studies series no. 7 vol. 1  (TRC)
  Mini-fertilizer plant projects appendices: sectoral studies series no. 7 vol. 2  (TRC)
  A Miniature Landscape For A Dish  (TRC)
  Miracle grass takes root  (TRC)
  Mixing insecticide powders with grain for storage.  (TRC)
   mobile continuous-flow flash dryer  (TRC)
   There is money in growing daisy  (TRC)
  WHO Monograph on Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) For Arteisia Annu L.  (TRC)
  Moriculture at Los Banos : vaireties clonal production and fertilization  (TRC)
  Moringa oleifera: a multipurpose tree  (TRC)
  Moving and carrying heavy loads by hand  (TRC)
  Mulberry field establishment  (TRC)
  Multiplying the Azolla  (TRC)
  Munggo  (TRC)
  Mungo  (TRC)
  Mungo production in the Philippines  (TRC)
  Mungo production in the Philippines  (TRC)
  Mushroom cultivation and Marketing  (TRC)
  Mushroom growing in rural areas.  (TRC)
  Mushroom mean money  (TRC)
  Mushroom Raiser Inspires Neighbors to Production  (TRC)
  Musk melon  (TRC)
  Muskmelons, cantaloupes and more.  (TRC)
  Native plant: propagation and restoration strategies  (TRC)
   The natural essence of pure patchouli oil  (TRC)
  Natural occurence of fungal naphthoquinones in cereals and animal feedstuffs  (TRC)
  Neem in the community  (TRC)
  Neem: a natural insecticide  (TRC)
  Neem tree: a source of insecticide, fertilizer, medicine, cosmetic materials, etc.  (TRC)
  Neem a wonder tree  (TRC)
  Net Profits For Greenhouses  (TRC)
  Newly developed mungbean varieties expected to replenish Filipino protein diet  (TRC)
  Nitrogen fertilization of wheat grown on raised, wide beds  (TRC)
  Nitrogen rates for corn on Arkansas Delta soils  (TRC)
  NRCP wants you to know...damong maria (artemisia vulgaris L. (Asteraceae))  (TRC)
  NRCP wants you to know...damong maria (artemisia vulgaris L. (Asteraceae))  (TRC)
  NRCP wants you to know...glue-laminated bamboo and bamboo-wood combination for structural uses.  (TRC)
  Nutrition evaluation of shoots of two rattan species.  (TRC)
  Nutrition of mango  (TRC)
  Oil Palm Production Techno Guide  (TRC)
  Oil Palm Technoguide  (TRC)
  Oil Palm... Tree of Life  (TRC)
  One-eye cuttings: alternative planting materials for propagation  (TRC)
  Onion*  (TRC)
  Orchid culture  (STII)
   orchid family  (TRC)
  Orchid Growing and Management  (TRC)
  Organic blueberry production  (TRC)
  Organic plug & transplant production  (TRC)
  Organic Vegetable Production  (TRC)
  Oriental landscapping  (TRC)
  Ornamental Cactus  (TRC)
  Ornamental plant growing outline  (TRC)
  Paddy deterioration from procurement to storage.  (TRC)
  Pagadalan ti mannalon panggep iti panagpatanor ti pagay(International Rice Research Institute)  (TRC)
  Paggawa ng Binhi at Pagpapabunga ng Kabuteng Plerotus, Auricularia at Ganoderma  (TRC)
  Paggiling ng palay  (TRC)
  Pagpapanumbalik Sigla sa Puno ng Kape  (TRC)
  Pagpaparami ng mga halamang foliage  (STII)
  Pagpaparami ng Duck Weed sa Palaisdaan  (TRC)
  Pagpaparami at pagpupuro ng binhi sa sariling bukid  (TRC)
  Pagsugpo sa Banana Bunchy Top Virus  (TRC)
  Palasan, Calamus Merrillin Becc./Pandan, Pandanus Spp.  (TRC)
  Pamamahala laban sa bacterial blight ng palay.  (TRC)
  Pamamaraan ng Pagpaparami ng Halaman  (TRC)
  Pamamaraan ng pagpaparami ng halaman, pagpuputol ng tangkay (stem cuttings) ng kamote  (STII)
  Pangkomunidad na Pag-aalaga ng Mamumulpol, Pagpaparami, Pag-iimbak, at Paggamit ng Bayrus-NPV  (TRC)
  Panimulang aklat ng magsasaka sa pagtatanim ng paayap sa palayan  (TRC)
  Panimulang aklat ng magsasaka tungkol sa pagtatanim ng utaw sa palayan  (TRC)
  Panimulang aklat ng magsasaka ukol sa palay  (TRC)
   panuntunan sa pag-aani ng palay  (TRC)
  Papaya  (TRC)
  Papaya  (TRC)
  Papaya  (TRC)
  Papaya production  (TRC)
  Pasture Production for Small-Scale Dairy Farmers  (TRC)
  Patchouli/Kablin (Pogostemon Cablin Bonth)  (TRC)
  Patikang nga surug-anan san parag-uma hiunong san pagpatubo san paray(International Rice Research Institute)  (TRC)
  Patola: an industrial raw material  (TRC)
  Patola production  (STII)
  PCAARRD farmnews  (STII)
  PCA recommended coconut hybrids and cultivar  (TRC)
  PCA recommended planting materials (hybrid)  (TRC)
  PCA recommended planting materials (HYBRIDS)  (TRC)
  Peanut  (TRC)
  Peanut botany and culture  (TRC)
  Peanut Culture  (TRC)
  Peanut Production Guide  (TRC)
  Peanut production guide*  (TRC)
  Peanut Production Technology  (TRC)
  Peanut production  (TRC)
  Peanuts  (TRC)
  Pechay production guide  (STII)
  Pechay production in the Philippines.  (TRC)
  Pepper  (TRC)
  Pepper Breeding - Strategies in pepper improvement  (TRC)
  Pepper physiology  (TRC)
  Pepper Production Guide  (TRC)
  Peppermint  (TRC)
  Pest and disease control in coffee and cocoa  (TRC)
  Phellinus Root Rot Disease of Mangium  (TRC)
  The Philippine recommends for ginger.  (TRC)
  The Philippines Recommends for Coconut 1993  (TRC)
   The Philippines recommends for forage corn production and utilization  (TRC)
   Philippines recommends for banana  (TRC)
   Philippines recommends for grapes  (TRC)
   Philippines recommends for munggo.  (TRC)
   Philippines recommends for rice post-production operations  (TRC)
   Philippines recommends for rubber 1977  (TRC)
   Philippines recommends for tobacco  (TRC)
   Philippines recommends for tobacco 1979  (TRC)
  Pili (canarium ovatum Engl.)  (TRC)
  Pili nuts  (TRC)
  Pimiento  (TRC)
  Pineapple  (TRC)
  Plant excelsa coffee under coconut and double or triple your income  (TRC)
   Plant and how it grows  (TRC)
  Plant industry production guide (4) cassava  (TRC)
  Plant industry production guide (7): Sorghum  (TRC)
  Plant industry production guide(3):Chrysanthemum.  (TRC)
  Plant ownership  (TRC)
  Plant propagation.  (TRC)
  Plant propagation techniques, budding  (STII)
  Plant propagation techniques, grafting  (STII)
  Plant propagation techniques, inarching  (STII)
  Plant propagation techniques for cassava  (STII)
  Plant propagation techniques for sweetpotato  (STII)
  Planting and care of coconut palms  (TRC)
  Planting cultivate pastures  (TRC)
  Planting And Cultivation Of Coffee
  Plants show their thirst: application of the water status of a plant by microvariations in its mophology  (TRC)
  Plug and Transplant Production for Organic Systems  (TRC)
  Polypit Nursery  (TRC)
  Postharvest Diseases of Tomatoes  (TRC)
  Postharvest handling of fruits and vegetables.  (TRC)
  Postharvest problems of vegetables and fruits oF the tropics and subtropics.  (TRC)
  Postharvest reference guide  (TRC)
  Postharvest technology for Southeast Asian perishable crops:a simplified guide.  (TRC)
   The potential of rooftop gardening  (TRC)
   Practical and Pleasing Herbs  (TRC)
  Preculture sugarcane tissue in sucrose-supplemented culture medium to induce desiccation tolerance  (TRC)
  How to prepare planting materials for rubber farms  (TRC)
  Preparing grain for storage  (TRC)
  Preservative Treatment of Bamboos  (TRC)
  Primer on Bonsai Culture  (TRC)
  Primer on Chemical Method of Eradicating Diseased Abaca Plants  (TRC)
  Primer on Mulberry  (TRC)
  Primer and Techno guide on Rehabilitation of Low-Bearing Mature Coconut Palms  (TRC)
  Primer and technoguide on coconut intercropping and covercropping in replanted farms  (TRC)
  Primer On Tissue Culture Method of Abaca Propagation  (TRC)
  A Primer On The Safe And Effective Use Of Pesticides  (TRC)
  Primer And Technoguide On Coconut Intercropping And Covercropping In Regulated Farms  (TRC)
  Primer and Technoguide on Replanting Coconut Farms  (TRC)
  Procedure for growing straw on water hyacinth  (TRC)
  Proceeding Of The Regional Consultation On Genetically Modifier Cotton For Risk Assessment & Opportunities For Small-Scale Cotton Growers (CFC/ICAC/34FT  (TRC)
  Proceedings of the "Regional Consultation on Genetically Modified Cotton For Risk Assessment & Opportunities For Small-Scale Cotton Growers"  (TRC)
  Process of preserving young coconuts.  (TRC)
  Processing guyabano and other outstanding crops from Institute of Plant Breeding, Los Banos, Laguna  (TRC)
  How to produce decorative bamboos  (TRC)
  Producing the Super Food Spirulina  (TRC)
  Production guide on Tea  (TRC)
  Production guide on castor bean  (TRC)
  Production guide on patola  (TRC)
  Production Of Tropical And Semi-Tropical Mushrooms: A Feasibility Study On The TAPI-ITDI-DOST  (TRC)
  Production of TRUF on Plastic Sheet  (TRC)
  Products from Jojoba: a promising new crop for arid lands.  (TRC)
  Products from jojoba: a promising new crop for arid lands  (TRC)
  Produksiyon ng Abokado  (TRC)
  Produksiyon ng binhi ng ampalaya  (STII)
  Produksiyon ng binhi ng kalabasa  (STII)
  Produksiyon ng binhi ng okra  (STII)
  Produksiyon ng binhi ng patola  (STII)
  Produksiyon ng binhi ng pipino  (STII)
  Produksiyon ng binhi ng sitaw sampay (pole sitao)  (STII)
  Produksiyon ng binhi ng talong  (STII)
  Produksiyon ng binhi ng upo  (STII)
  Produksiyon ng kamote  (STII)
  Produksyon ng kasoy  (TRC)
  Produksyon ng binhi ng kamatis  (STII)
  Produksyon ng binhi ng sili  (STII)
  Produksyon ng patola  (STII)
  Profitability Analysis: 1 Hectare Ilang-Ilang Flower And Essentials Oil Production  (TRC)
  Profitability Analysis: Abaca Fiber Production  (TRC)
  Profitability Analysis: Bamboo Shoot and Pole Production  (TRC)
  Profitability Analysis Ornamental Bamboo Backyard Production/Bamboo Shoot & Pole Production  (TRC)
  Program Document On Rice  (TRC)
  How to propagate trees asexually : simplified guide  (TRC)
  Propagation of Bamboos  (TRC)
  Propagation of banana by tissue culture  (TRC)
  Propagation of banana by tissue culture  (TRC)
  Propagation of temperate-zone fruit plants.  (TRC)
  Propagation of Sweet Tamarind Through Cleft Grafting  (TRC)
  Proper Care and Maintenance of Seedlings  (TRC)
  Properties of green and yellow varieties of coconut  (TRC)
  Some properties and uses of bamboos  (TRC)
  Prospectus of establishing a one-hectare mango orchard  (TRC)
  Protecting trees when building on forested lands  (TRC)
  Prune avocado trees cautiously  (TRC)
  Pruning (CFPI)  (TRC)
  Pruning and trimming  (TRC)
  Raise vine vegetables.  (TRC)
  Raising vine vegetables.  (TRC)
  Rambutan  (TRC)
  Rambutan  (TRC)
  Rambutan production  (TRC)
  Ramie  (TRC)
  Ramie.  (TRC)
  Range legume inoculation and nitrogen fixation by rootnodule bacteria  (TRC)
  Rapid germination method for palasan (calamus merrillii becc.) seed  (TRC)
  Rapid propagation of abaca  (TRC)
  More Reasons to Plant Coffee  (TRC)
  Recent research on Bamboos  (TRC)
   recommended cotton production technology  (TRC)
  Recommended Rice Varieties in Region 2  (TRC)
  New records of bamboos for the Philippines  (TRC)
  Rediscovering The Uses Of Water Hyacinth  (TRC)
  Relationship between the Physiological state of mangoes and the incidence of anthracnose  (TRC)
  Report of the first Asian Symposium on industrial utilization of medicinal and aromatic plants  (TRC)
  Report of the first regional expert consultation on the Asian Network on Medicinal and aromatic plants  (TRC)
  The Requirements of Grape Farming  (TRC)
  Research Guide on the conduct of Agronomic and Nutrition studies in economic  (TRC)
  Response of bermudagrass, tall fescue and tall fescue-clover to broiler litter and commercial fertilizer.  (TRC)
  Response of lee 74 soybean to irrigation in Arkansas  (TRC)
  Response of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) and pak choi (Brassica rapa L. ssp. chinensis (L.) Hanelt) grown under aggregate hydroponics system to a novel organic nutrient solution  (STII)
  Rice Postharvest Technology Guide  (TRC)
  Rice Production:La Union Technoguide  (TRC)
  Rice ratooning  (TRC)
  Rice-prawn farming system  (TRC)
  Ripening of sugarcane by use of certain alcoholic and ethoxylated compounds.  (TRC)
  Rise with Rice  (TRC)
  RISE: Species for Bonsai Material  (TRC)
  Rose culture  (TRC)
  Roses  (TRC)
  Rubber Plantation Establishment and Management  (TRC)
  Rubber Technologies  (TRC)
   rubber tree: FAO better farming series 1977 ed.  (TRC)
  Saba Production can be Lucrative  (TRC)
  Safe methods for preserving peppers  (TRC)
  Safety first  (TRC)
  Saffron an innovative crop  (TRC)
  Saffron  (TRC)
  Salago Production For Special Paper Products And Handicrafts: A Feasibility Study On The PCARRD-TAPI-DOST  (TRC)
  Saline Rice  (TRC)
  Salinity appraisal of soil and water for successful production of grapes  (TRC)
  Not the same old radishes.  (TRC)
  Sampaguita  (TRC)
  Sapat nga ba ang 40 kilong certified seeds na pang lipat tanim sa isang ektarya?  (TRC)
  Sapogenin bearing species of yams and their cultivation in India  (TRC)
  Sapogenin bearing species of yams and their cultivation in India  (TRC)
  Saving your animals with medicinal herbs  (TRC)
  Sawdust as medium from growing mushroom  (TRC)
  Sculptured Trees of Timeless Beauty  (TRC)
  Sculptured Trees Of Timeless Beauty  (TRC)
  Seabuckthorn a wonder plant  (TRC)
  Seasonal acclimation to light & temperature in an evergreen understory shrub  (TRC)
  Seasoning and treatment of Philippine erect bamboo  (TRC)
  Seed production of sweet pepper  (STII)
  Seed production of tomato  (STII)
  Seeds For Success  (TRC)
  Sesame: a high value oilseed  (TRC)
  Sesbania rostrata  (TRC)
  How to Set Up Home Orchard  (TRC)
  Shiitake mushroom production on wooden poles  (TRC)
  Shan Tea Cultivation in the Northern Mouantainous Region of Vietnam  (TRC)
  Siguradong Kita Mamuhunan sa Rubber Production  (TRC)
  A Simple Method Of Collecting And Drying Papaya (Pawpaw) Latex To Produce Crude Papain  (TRC)
  Simple Nutrient Addition Program (SNAP) for Hydroponics  (TRC)
  Siniguelas  (TRC)
  Small farm grain storage:enemies of stored grain.  (TRC)
  Small farmers' crop protection practices and perceptions in the early 1990s: implications for policy and technology development  (TRC)
   small joys of bonsai  (TRC)
  SNAP Hydroponics (Simple Nutrient Addition Program)  (TRC)
  Snapbeans (Phascolos Vulgaris)  (TRC)
  Soil-borne and seed-borne diseases of vegetable crops.  (TRC)
  Soilless culture of greenhouse vegetables  (TRC)
  Solar Greenhouses for the Trans-Himalayans: A Construction Manual  (TRC)
  Sorghum  (TRC)
  Sorghum manual  (TRC)
  Sorghum production manual  (TRC)
  Soybean Breeding - hybridization  (TRC)
  Soybean entomology - Screening of selected soybean accessions for tolerance to beanflies  (TRC)
  Soybean Pathology - Advanced soybean Rust Tolerance Trials  (TRC)
  Soybeans as a protein source  (TRC)
  Soybeans for the tropics:research,production and utilization.  (TRC)
  Soybeans : Part 1 let's grow them  (TRC)
  Soybeans: Part 2 lets eat them  (TRC)
  Soybean production  (TRC)
  Soybean production after rice.  (TRC)
  Soybean Varieties  (TRC)
  Special Report: Asparagus Growing  (TRC)
  Spices  (TRC)
  State of the art: mango research  (TRC)
  State of the art: rubber research  (TRC)
  Sterilizing seed beds  (TRC)
  Storage of grain under plastic cover  (TRC)
   storage and handling of onions  (TRC)
  Storage of foodgrain:a guide for extention workers.  (TRC)
  Strawberries Grown above Ground  (TRC)
  Strawberry breeding improves genetic resistance  (TRC)
  Strawberry production in California  (TRC)
  Studies on branching pattern of monopodial bamboos  (TRC)
  Studies on storage characteristics of groundnut.  (TRC)
  Studies on vegetative propagation of bambusa and dendrocalamus species by culm cuttings  (TRC)
  Studies on vegetative propagation of bambusa and dendrocalamus species by culm cuttings  (TRC)
  Study on the application of chemical fertilizer to the timber and paper-pulp stands of phyllostachys pubescens  (TRC)
  Study on the application of chemical fertilizer to the timber and paper-pulp stands of phyllostachys pubescens  (TRC)
  Submergent vegetation : sago pondweed  (TRC)
  Submergent Vegetation: Coontail or Hornwort  (TRC)
  Submergent vegetation: coontail or hornwert.  (TRC)
  Sugar Filtro Mushroom Culture.  (TRC)
  Sugarcane intercropping  (TRC)
  Sunflower: a native oilseed with growing markets  (TRC)
  The sunflower saga  (TRC)
   The sunflower saga  (TRC)
  Super Hybrid Rice SEED - SL-8H  (TRC)
  Survey of Whiteflies and Their Transmission of Plant Viruses in Taiwan  (TRC)
  Sustainable livelihood options for the Philippines an information kit: (Booklet 1: Upland Ecosystem): Growing plants producing essential oil  (TRC)
  How to sustain productivity of kauayan-tinik  (TRC)
  Sweet pepper:The country's highest priced fruit vegetables.  (TRC)
  Sweet Potato Breeding - Hybridization program  (TRC)
  Sweet potato entomology - search for sweet potato weevil- resistant germplasm sources  (TRC)
  Sweet Potato Pathology - resistant screening for sweet potato scab  (TRC)
  Sweet Potato Physiology - photosynthesis and respiration of self and reciprocally grafted sweet potato leaf cuttings  (TRC)
  Sweet potato in the Philippines: Regional reports  (TRC)
  Sweet potatoes  (TRC)
  Taingang daga culture (auricularia)  (TRC)
   talamdon sa pagtanum sang kamote.  (TRC)
  Tangan-Tangan Bean Production Goes Full Swing in Nueva Ecija  (TRC)
  Technical information package on postharvest handling of perishables,vol.2-fruit vegetables.  (TRC)
  Technical information package on postharvest handling of perishables,v.1-fruits  (TRC)
  Technical information package on postharvest handling of perishables,v.4-root crops.  (TRC)
  Techniques of bamboo propagation with special reference to pre rooted and pre rhizomed branch cuttings and tissue culture  (TRC)
  Techniques in growing table grapes.  (TRC)
  Techno-economic aspect of grape production  (TRC)
  Techno-economic aspects of grape production.  (TRC)
  Technoguide on kapok  (TRC)
  Technoguide in establishing mini-parks, mini-forests and in conducting roadside planting  (TRC)
  Technoguide on PILI  (TRC)
  Technologies: kilusang sariling sikap (KITCHEN - GARDEN TECHNOLOGY, VEGETABLE PRODUCTION)  (TRC)
  Technology for asparagus  (TRC)
  Technology of Castor Beans Production  (TRC)
  Technology of coffee production  (TRC)
  Technology for Grape production.  (TRC)
  Technology for strawberry production  (TRC)
  Tiger Grass Farming In The Cordilleras  (TRC)
  Tikog Production For Mats And Handicrafts: A Feasibility Study On The PCHRD-DOST-PCARRD-TAPI  (TRC)
  Tips for backyard coconut growing  (TRC)
  Tips in growing hybrid rice  (TRC)
  Tips in growing hybrid rice  (TRC)
  Tissue culture update  (TRC)
  Tobacco Culture: The New and Recommended Tobacco Varieties  (TRC)
  Top-quality asparagus through organic farming  (TRC)
  Training and prunning fruit trees around the home.  (TRC)
  Transport and packaging of export fruits  (TRC)
  Treating tree crops  (TRC)
  Tree Surgery: A Manual For Practitioners  (TRC)
  Trees in the farming system  (TRC)
  Trees (Part I) and Shrubs (Part II)  (TRC)
  Tropical yams and their potential : part 6, minor cultivated dioscorea species  (TRC)
  Tubanggatong series : Jatropha curcas as biodiesel  (TRC)
  Ubi production guide  (STII)
  Underplanting of young coconuts on bearing palms for the production of edible vegetative pith or "ubod"  (TRC)
  Understanding cereal crops II : maize, sorghum, rice and millet  (TRC)
  Understanding Citrus Fruit Growing  (TRC)
  Understanding And Controlling Fruit Flies  (TRC)
  Understanding insect pests and their control.  (TRC)
  Understanding legume crops  (TRC)
  Understanding legume crops.  (TRC)
  Understanding legume crops  (TRC)
  Understanding Seed Handling for Germination  (TRC)
  Unona-unan aaralan day dumaralos ed panagpabaleg na pagey(International Rice Research Institute)  (TRC)
  Uses of coffee pulp.  (TRC)
  USM Corn Varieties  (TRC)
  Vanilla viruses in the South Pacific  (TRC)
  Vascular Flora Of Mt. Makiling And Vicinity (Luzon, Philippines) Part 3  (TRC)
  Vegetable Fertilization Guide  (TRC)
  Vegetable gardening: growing tomatoes  (TRC)
  Vegetable Intercropping Under Coconut Palms  (TRC)
  Vegetable production  (TRC)
  Vegetable production training manual  (TRC)
  Vegetables  (TRC)
  Vegetables Production Guide  (TRC)
  Vegetables Vines For Small Spaces  (TRC)
  Vegetative and Asexual Propagation Cutting  (TRC)
  Vegetative and Asexual Propagation Grafting  (TRC)
  Vegetative and Asexual Propagation Marcotting  (TRC)
  Verticillium wilt threatens coastal cauliflower  (TRC)
  Vetiver for soil erosion  (TRC)
  Vines (The Time-Life encyclopedia of gardening)  (TRC)
  Virulence of fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense (E.F. Smith) snyder and hansen strains on selected banana (musa x paradisiaca L.) cultivars in the Philippines  (STII)
  So you want to produce ornamental plants for profit!  (TRC)
  So you want to produce ornamental plants for profit!  (TRC)
  Wastong Pagtatanim ng Kabute  (TRC)
  Wastong pagtatanim ng kabute.  (TRC)
  Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) leaf protein concentrate as soybean protein replacement in Litopenaeus vannamei postlarvae diet  (STII)
  Water hyacinth for handicrafts and flower arrangement  (TRC)
  Water management for cotton.  (TRC)
  Weed Management in Organic Small Grains  (TRC)
  Why We Care For Trees  (TRC)
  Wild food tree species  (TRC)
  Winged bean  (TRC)
  The wonder of hanga  (TRC)
   The wonder of neem.  (TRC)
  World Seed Program Tree Growing Guide  (TRC)
  Yam (ubi) production, processing - utilization & marketing in the Phil.: Proceedings of a symposium - workshop heald at PRCRTC-VISCA, Baybay, Leyte, Phil., 21 March 1994  (TRC)
  Yantok: Good source of extra income  (TRC)
  Yield losses as economic weights in plant breeding decisions on tropical maize  (TRC)
  Yield Potential of High Yield Rice Varieties in the Tohoku Region of Japan  (TRC)
  Young corn production  (TRC)
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