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TITLE       Diversity of Philippine derby spiders Neoscona species (araneidae, aranea)
CALL NO(S)      Fil(S) Q149. P5 N25 v.23 2001
PUBLICATION TITLE      Transactions of the National Academy of Science and Technology Philippines
ISSUE DATE      2001
MAIN AUTHOR      Barrion, Aimme Lynn A.
ADDED ENTRY      Barrion, Adelina A., Barrion, Alberto T.
ABSTRACT           An extremely abundant group of animals constituting a considerable portion of the Philippine fauna are the spiders, the most omnipresent and numerous predators in both agricultural and natural ecosystems. Aside from being predators, Neoscona species in particular are popularly utilized as derby spiders or game spiders. Through vial-tapping and net-sweeping, a total of 619 derby spiders, consisting of 80% adults (604) and 20% immature (15), were collected. Majority of the adult derby spiders were females (98%) and these were the ones used for identification. Based on epigyneal characteristics, 11 different species in the genus Neoscona were determined, characterized and described namely: Neoscona nautica (L. Koch), Neoscona punctigera (Doleschall), Neoscona rumpfi (Thorell), Neoscona theisi (Walchener), Neoscona vigilans (Blackwall), Neoscona aldinei Barrion f., sp. nov., Neoscona ampoyae Barrion f., sp. nov., and Neoscona facundoi Barrion f., sp. nov., and Neoscona lipana Barrion f., sp. nov., Neoscona marauoyi Barrion f., sp. nov., and Neoscona shereeae Barrion f., sp. nov. The most frequently encountered derby spider was N. punctigera. (Author's abstract)
SUBJECTS       Vial-tapping
   F. - filia
   Epigyneal characteristics
   Derby spiders
Copyright (C) 2002 The Science and Technology Information Network of the Philippines (SCINET-PHIL)