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TITLE       Spider fauna in Philippine citrus and their note as predator in the control of insect pests.
PROJECT LEADER      Barrion, Adelina A.
NOTE      College, Laguna: IBS, UPLB, 1989. 29p. -(PCARRD-ASSP Proj. No. 89-38623).
PROPONENT AGENCY      College, Laguna: IBS, UPLB, 1989. 29p. -(PCARRD-ASSP Proj. No. 89-38623).
ABSTRACT      A three-year survey of spiders and insect pests were conducted in different citrus orhards in Los Banos, Batangas and Davao City. Species diversity was highest in Batangas (615) followed by Laguna (345) and the least in Davao City (33). The dominantly occurring spider species in Batangas were Neoscona sp., Ero furcata (Villers), Oxyopes javanus Thorell, Metaphidippus galathea (Walckenaer) and Leucauge decorata (Blackwall). In Laguna, major spider predators were M. galathea, Scytodes thoracica Latreille, O. javanus, Habrocestum pulex Hentz and Neoscona spp. These spiders effectively prey on insect pests namely: C viridis, T. aurantii, P. citri, P. furcifera and P. demoleus. In Davao City, O. javanus (lynx spider) was the dominant spider species encountered. Spider fauna found in areas surveyed belong to 16 different families, 45 genera and 71 different species.
SUBJECTS       Citrus fruits
   Injurious factors
   Biological control
   Pest insects
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